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Time to Stand and Stare Mesmerizing Reflections in Water ...

By Neecey

A reflection is a double whammy of beauty. Sometimes, the water is as still as glass and you get a perfect mirror image. Sometimes the water is rippling and the image is blurry. Both are magical.

1 Moon on the Sea

The Polar Express (2004),sky,astronomical object,atmosphere,moon,Source: Corkboard Connections: Once in a

2 Hummingbird

nature,green,hummingbird,beak,bird,Source: Natures Doorways

3 Purple Door

text,purple,font,headstone,grave,Source: how beautiful is this reflecting

4 Mini Tree

reflection,habitat,nature,tree,water,Source: The 10 Most Inspiring Natural

5 Sunrise through the Trees

reflection,nature,tree,atmospheric phenomenon,water,Source: Mikael's Playground

6 Yosemite Falls- Yosemite National Park, California

Yosemite National Park, Yosemite Falls,nature,mountainous landforms,reflection,body of water,Source: Condé Nast Traveler

7 Rainbow

rainbow,sky,nature,reflection,atmospheric phenomenon,Source: 30 Beautiful Rainbow Pictures

8 The Marble Cathedral, Chile

water,ice,reflection,wave,sea,Source: The marble cathedral of Chile

9 Reading

reflection,water,boating,vehicle,extreme sport,Source: 47 Brilliant Tips To Getting

10 Reflecting

sky,reflection,atmospheric phenomenon,horizon,sunrise,Source: exoticana

11 Reflective Bridge

color,reflection,wood,tree,wall,Source: KEMER

12 The Grand Hotel, Lake Misurina, Italy

mountainous landforms,sky,snow,mountain,nature,Source: Follow WELCOME HOME

13 Purple Sunrise

sky,reflection,nature,tree,sunrise,Source: Beautiful photography from all over

14 The Old Mill Waterwheel, Berry College, Rome, Georgia

nature,green,tree,wilderness,botany,Source: art

15 Stone Circle, Lake Taupo, New Zealand

jewellery,fashion accessory,necklace,bracelet,circle,Source:

16 Bridge by Ansel Adams

white,black,black and white,reflection,photography,Source: Dream Photography Amazing - Paperblog

17 Butterflies

blue,glass,wing,flower,Source: Spectacular and Beautiful Examples of

18 Lotus Flower

flower,white,plant,flora,lily,Source: TOURMALINE LOTUS - Chakra Inspiring

19 Balloons

color,reflection,painting,extreme sport,flower,Source: Balloon Reflection 4 - Photograph

20 Baby Elephant

indian elephant,mammal,vertebrate,wildlife,elephant,Source: 11 Ways Elephants Are The

21 Bubble within a Bubble

blue,reflection,glass,painting,art,Source: 35 Stunning Examples Of Soap

22 Little Red Boat

vehicle,sea,sunset,atmosphere of earth,reflection,Source:

23 What You Lookin' at?

nature,mammal,vertebrate,wildlife,fauna,Source: A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding

24 Kingfisher

bird,peafowl,hummingbird,wing,perching bird,Source: Mirror image: Kingfisher barely causes

25 Cathedral Mountain, Lake O'Hara, Yoho National Park, Canada

mountainous landforms,reflection,lake,nature,mountain,Source: Cathedral Mountain Reflected in Lake

26 Aurora Borealis, Iceland


27 Watson Lake, Prescott, Arizona


28 Loch Ard, Stirlingshire, Scotland

snow,winter,atmospheric phenomenon,weather,tree,

29 The Bear, Finland

wilderness,wetland,tree,ecosystem,swamp,Source: National Geographic DVD

30 European Robin Drinking


31 A Whitetail Buck

mammal,deer,fauna,wildlife,white tailed deer,Source:

32 Yellow Tulip Reflected

yellow,flower,plant,reflection,flora,Source: A Yellow Flower Reflected In

33 Rochdale Canal, Manchester, England


34 The Northern Lights, Lofoten Islands, Norway

snow,mountainous landforms,winter,mountain,reflection,Source: The northern lights and beautiful

35 Night in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

metropolitan area,metropolis,cityscape,night,city,Source:

36 The Watering Hole

mammal,marine biology,fauna,wildlife,biology,Source: peaceful eyes

37 Mountain Lake, Rophaien, Switzerland

highland,reflection,mountainous landforms,nature,atmospheric phenomenon,Source: Lake At Dawn by Alpine

38 Blazing Forest and Fire

reflection,tree,evening,night,sunset,Source: 2771 by peter holme III

39 The Old Water Tower, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

sky,reflection,cloud,water,landmark,Source: A Quiet Place in the

40 The Wolf

mammal,vertebrate,wolf,fauna,wildlife,Source: Magical Nature Tour

41 The Tornado, England

sky,reflection,water,horizon,landmark,Source: Alpenstrasse - The Tornado ~

42 Rome Reflected in a Puddle

Saint Peter's Square,reflection,weather,urban area,night,Source: Today my Rome reflected on

43 The Waterpoort, Sneek, the Netherlands

Sneek Waterpoort,reflection,water,river,waterway,Source: Sneek Water Gate, Sneek, The

44 The Indonesian Fisherman

habitat,natural environment,water,river,vehicle,Source: Pencari Nafkah

45 Golden Trees

nature,reflection,tree,branch,season,Source: Phenomenal Reflection Pictures on Water

46 Roosevelt Bridge, Stuart, Florida

night,reflection,light,darkness,evening,Source: Roosevelt Bridge – Stuart Florida

47 Shooting Star

sky,night,star,atmosphere,astronomical object,Source: | FREE Facebook Covers

48 Pink Dawn

boat,atmospheric phenomenon,vehicle,sailboat,reflection,Source: Pink Dawn

49 Boathouse and Bridge, the River Rye, County Kildare, Ireland

tree,reflection,waterway,Source: Boathouse by Joe Burns

50 Jump for Joy

color,image,blue,art,Source: The Light of Wisdom

51 The Beach


52 The Wreck

Point Reyes Shipwrecks,vehicle,ship,reflection,sea,Source: Amazing Photography by John Klingel

53 Ladybug

red,macro photography,green,insect,photography,Source: OnlyPositive.Net | All posts tagged

54 Stalactites Alexandra Cave, Naracoorte Caves National Park, Australia

geographical feature,cave,landform,stalagmite,stalactite,Source: It's a beautiful world

55 Taj Mahal, Agra, India

blue,reflection,art,screenshot,sea,Source: Reflection

56 Bali Floating Leaf Eco-Retreat, Bali

sky,nature,atmospheric phenomenon,tree,sunrise,Source: gabs — dontcallmebetty: (via Piccsy

57 Winter Trees

winter,snow,tree,branch,frost,Source: crescentmoon

58 Autumn Trees


59 Moon Bridge, Taipei, Taiwan

sky,reflection,nature,atmosphere,atmospheric phenomenon,Source: Life

60 Mont St. Michel, France

Mont Saint-Michel,reflection,historic site,landmark,building,Source:

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