10 Negative Things You Should Stop Saying ...

Negative Things You Should Stop Saying run the gamut between different subjects. It's no secret that there are negative things you should stop saying. We all have them! Little things we say to ourselves or to others only serve to hinder us rather than help us out. And it's not because you hate yourself! Most people don't even realize the effect their negative comments have. So that's why I'm writing this list of negative things you should stop saying! Instead, replace them with positive, encouraging and uplifting comments. And yes, you can direct them to yourself! Hey, we all need a boost every now and then, right? And who better to give it to you than your own lovely self! So here are 10 negative things you should stop saying!

1. "I'm Such a Failure."

Telling yourself that you are a failure will result in you believing this and causing you to fail when you may have actually had a chance of success. Maybe you haven't necessarily succeeded at everything in your life, but that doesn't make you a complete failure. So tell yourself that you can do it and then believe it! You will be surprised at your rate of success when you believe in yourself.

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