7 Natural Decorating Ideas for a More Earthy Home ...


If you love that rustic Earthy look, youā€™ll love these natural decorating ideas. It seems the interior design world has gone crazy for bringing a touch of the outside world inside, and showing off your artistic side with displays and collections that look amazing. Hereā€™s some of the easiest natural decorating ideas to rock the look.

1. Spruce up Your Tableā€¦

Spruce up Your Tableā€¦

I love an Earthy centerpiece, and you can easily mix this one up to show off the different seasons and plants near you. Cut a piece of weathered barn wood (or buy some pre-cut) to use as a runner, and display seasonal produce on it. Plums, pears, apples, figs and squash looks amazing, especially with crabapple branches and pebbles woven through, and votive candles are a great finishing touch. Itā€™s one of the most versatile natural decorating ideas, too: just mix the flowers and fruits up for a whole different look.

Bring Life Indoorsā€¦
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