7 High School Myths You Should Debunk Today ...


If you are about to start high school or it’s already your first year, I want to help you understand what high school really is, and which high school myths you should debunk today.

No, don’t expect Regina George and her clique to kick you off their table in the cafeteria, or to be shoved in a locker on your first day;

sometimes high school life portrayed in movies is very far from the truth!

Here are 7 high school myths that you should be aware of...

1. Freshman Fridays

You can breathe easy on your first day because freshman Friday is one of the top high school myths!

Although upperclassmen do feel superior to the incoming freshman, they won’t get physical.

Unless of course you mess with the wrong kids, but other than that, don’t stress.2

It’s even possible that your first friend in school may actually be a senior!

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