19 Cute Knick Knacks That Double as Conversation Starters ...


When you choose decor for your home, it should definitely be something you like.

Arranging knick knacks is a fun way to round out the look and feel of your space.

Choosing something that is just a little bit different also gives your guests the opportunity to spark up a conversation.

If you're looking to liven things up in all the rooms of your house, one of these pieces ought to do the trick.

1. Gold Hands Vase

Gold Hands Vase


How could you not spark up a conversation about this cool vase?

2. Wire Wall Art

Wire Wall Art


You can bet no one else will have this piece in their home.2

3. Orange Flower Candle Holder

Orange Flower Candle Holder


This fancy candle holder will make everyone exclaim with appreciation.

4. Balloon Elephant

Balloon Elephant


This little guy isn't really made out of balloons, but that's what makes him the perfect knick knack.

5. Vase Fillers

Vase Fillers


Fill your vases with these instead of flowers.

That's sure to get everyone talking!

6. Old Style Camera

Old Style Camera


Set this on a stack of books and you're good to go.2

7. Showstopping Vase

Showstopping Vase


This vase is definitely an investment, but you'll love how it can change an entire room.2

8. Paper Airplane Decor

Paper Airplane Decor


Isn't this totally awesome?

9. Ampersand Decor

Ampersand Decor


Wouldn't this look cool on your bookshelf?

10. Earth Decor

Earth Decor


Scatter these throughout a room and your guests will love speculating where they came from.

11. Adorable Little Bird

Adorable Little Bird


Everyone is going to be talking about this little guy.

12. Wooden Boat

Wooden Boat


This boat is sure to get everyone talking about their own travels.

13. Geometric Wooden Vase

Geometric Wooden Vase


How could anyone not talk about how fantastic this vase is?2

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