7 Young Adult Fiction Novels to Keep Your Mind off School ...

Young adult fiction is one of my favorite genres, right after epic fantasy and before science fiction! But how could anyone not love this genre? So many YA fiction novels out there, so many adventures, so much magic and likable characters! Furthermore, if you’re hoping for something to help you relax and travel outside the boundaries of the boring present, any book on this list will do the trick! I’ll skip Harry Potter and The Hobbit because I’m sure there is not a person on this earth who hasn’t read them by now, and share a few awesome but maybe not as well known young adult fiction reads you’re guaranteed to enjoy.

1. Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan

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This absolutely brilliant work of young adult fiction won’t only prove to be a fantastic read but will help you learn everything you’ve missed if you have a habit of not paying too much attention during your history classes. Greek gods are alive, very much real and residing in Manhattan which, after the rise of the Western civilization, became the perfect ground for Mt. Olympus – a mythical mountain that, although geographically located in Greece, represents the base of ancient power and therefore moves wherever the godly influence is strongest. History will repeat itself more than once, and Percy Jackson, the young demigod son of Poseidon, is destined to play a very heroic role in all of that modern world meets antics mumbo-jumbo! Five fantastic novels, five breath-taking adventures and at least a hundred reasons to grab your copies right now!

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