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149 Mind Blowing Organizational Hacks Every Girl Needs to Know ...

By Olga

Do you spend hours looking for stuff around your house? Cut the time in 2, nah, 10, with these mind-blowing home organizing hacks!

We've searched high and low and found these life-changing (literary) home organizing tips from - all added in one place here (minus the hacks with super-blurry photos) for your easy browsing.

Once you are done with these, your house will be the most organized house of them all, srsly, see for yourself, ladies!

1 Add Extra Bins to Your Fridge

product,food,pantry,SQUEEZ,RPPIEAPPLE, Look at how nice and contained everything is! Get more information at Four Generations One Roof.

2 Make a List Pad and Hang It in the Kitchen

lighting,interior design,hand,plumbing fixture,shelf, Installing it right beside the fridge is ideal, so everyone (young and old) will remember to add things to the shopping list as they run out or expire. Full tutorial at The Merry Thought.

3 Declutter Your Counter and Move All of Your Utensils over to the Wall

man made object,yellow,art,guitar,string instrument, Add a few extra containers for plants (just because they’re pretty). Find the full tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

4 Keep Adult, Child, and Pet Medications in Separate Containers

room,furniture,shelf,home,cupboard, You wouldn’t want to mix up your dog’s medication with your daughter’s. Now you just need to remember to periodically weed out the expired stuff. Learn more at Clean and Scentsible.

5 Store Your Trash Bags on a Roll so They’re Easier to Grab

Cake Bakery,room,product,floor,shelf, Maybe now your family will remember to take out the garbage. It’s worth a shot! Full tutorial at Simply Organized.

6 Put the Cleaning Supplies You Use Most Frequently into an Easily Transportable Toolbox

man made object,green,room,product,Cleaning, Whenever someone decides to clean, they just have to grab the box and they’re good to go. Get more information at The Social Home.

7 Convert a Bread Box into a Charging Station

man made object,room,furniture,shelf,kitchen, Simply drill holes through the back to thread the charging cords through. Full tutorial at Four Generations One Roof.

8 Organize Your Movies Alphabetically with Plastic Sleeves and Small Tubs

room,cash,product,gadget,document, box,product,wood,basket,, The boxes take up so much space! You’ll free up so many shelves and—if you prefer—you could organize your movies by genre instead of title (holiday movies, musicals, cartoons, etc.). Learn more at Simply Organized.

9 Don’t Have the Space for a Designated Homework Station? Make an Easily Transportable One Instead

product,art,shelf,DUCK,TAPE, Just the necessities. Learn how to make your own at at Aunt Peaches.

10 Organize the Greeting Cards You Can’t Bear to Throw Away Chronologically

wood,window covering,valentine's,day,bit, It’s easy to keep your sentimental snail mail under control without becoming a hoarder and you can learn how to at The Realistic Organizer.

11 Use Picture Frames to Make Wipe Boards That’ll Keep You Organized *and* Actually Look Good Hanging on Your Wall

text,product,label,picture frame,brand, Print out the free templates at The Chic Site and then add them to any 8×10 frames. Hang them in your entryway (so you’ll remember what you need to do after heading out the door).

12 Add Storage to Your Entryway with Drawer Knobs

color,handbag,green,fashion accessory,spring, Just add more (and more, and more) as you need to. Bonus: you can paint them to match the wall. Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

13 Transfer Board Games into Plastic Drawers to save Space

furniture,shelf,wood,shelving,drawer, Now you don’t have to figure out the best way to stack up dozens of boxes of varying dimensions…plus: you have room to buy more games! Find out more at Raising Lemons.

14 Keep Your Collection of Wrapping Paper Contained in a Garment Bag

art,wood,BEFORE,CLUTTERED,MESS!, Hang it in a closet (out of sight, out of mind) until you need to wrap something. Learn more at The Chic Site.

15 Add Some “crap Buckets” to Your Stairway to Keep Track of All the Stray Things Family Members Leave around the House

man made object,tin can,bucket,SAMUEL,ANDREW, Even good ol’ mom and dad could probably use one of these. Empty them out on a daily (or—let’s be real—weekly) basis. Get more information at ReMarkable Home.

16 Put Together Outfits over the Weekend and Use Tags by Day of the Week

VACCHO,brand,advertising,label,BACK, font,product,label,coin purse,brand, Learn how to make these snazzy wooden daily labels at First Home Love Life.

17 It Doesn’t Matter if You Lose a Sock when They’re *all* White

fashion accessory,product,TIP,BUY,ALL, It also makes sorting laundry a whole lot easier. Learn more at The Organised Housewife.

18 An Easy Way to Organize Your Garage = Covering a Wall with Peg Boards

room,product,shelf,furniture,interior design, Add some pegs and hang up EVERYTHING! Find out more at Clean and Scentsible.

19 Set up an Outdoor Shelf Stocked with Labeled Buckets to Store the Things You Use in Your Yard

man made object,furniture,shelf,wood,vehicle, Sand toys, balls, water guns: everything you need to have a good time. Find out more at Random Thoughts of a Supermom.

20 Use a Rail in Your Sink Cabinet for Cleaning Products


21 Use a Magnetic Rack to Store Knives


22 Use Tension Curtain Rods as a Divider for Cupboards

room,bathroom,floor,furniture,interior design,

23 Store Foil, Saran Wrap, and Wax Paper Rolls inside of a Magazine Rack


24 Use a Magazine Rack to Store Pot Lids

man made object,room,shelf,lighting,interior design,

Short curtain rods work, too.

25 Hang Pots and Pans on the Ceiling

man made object,room,table,product,lighting, Pictured: a salvaged sled.

26 Attach Magnetic Spice Racks to the Side of Your Fridge

product,machine, Aaron Williamson

27 Utilize Wall Space to Hang Utensils


28 Use a Deep Kitchen Drawer to Store Utensils Vertically


29 Supplement Your Fridge Storage

EDGE,room,product,shelf,brand, room,pantry,product,shelf,food, Flickr: hellohome

You could also use these pull-out baskets to group things together, like fruits.

30 Attach Undershelves in a Cabinet to Take Advantage of Vertical Space

room,shelf,lighting,plumbing fixture,sink,

31 Hang Boots with Pants Hangers

clothing,room,interior design,furniture,textile,

32 Hang Shoes on the Wall Using Crown Molding


33 Label Your Hangers


A good idea if you have multiple items of similar-looking clothing.

34 Use Divider Shelves to Store Sweaters

color,product,textile,interior design,bed sheet,

35 Hang Eyewear on a Hanger

man made object,room,shelf,furniture,table,

36 Use Shower Curtain Hooks to Hang Handbags

handbag,bag,fashion accessory,shoulder bag,tote bag,

37 Use Command Hooks to Hang Jewelry on the inside of a Closet Door


Command hooks are sticky adhesive hooks that require no screws or nails.

38 Store Shoes with One Facing Forwards and the Other Facing Backwards

footwear,shoe,red,blue,electric blue,

You’ll use less space this way. This works most efficiently when the forward toe is the right shoe and the backward toe, the left.

39 Cut up a Pool Noodle and Place in Boots to Keep Them Upright

footwear,shoe,leg,hand,outdoor shoe,

Keep your boots from falling over in your closet and taking up valuable floor space.

40 Store Matching Sheets inside of Their Pillowcases

furniture,room,product,bed,bed sheet,

41 Attach Tweezers to the inside of a Bathroom Cabinet with a Magnet


42 Use a Magnetic Rack to Store Hygiene Tools


43 Store Your Hair Appliances with PVC Pipe Attached to the inside of a Cabinet

man made object,room,product,furniture,shelf,

44 Make Bathroom Wall Storage out of Mason Jars and Picture Hangers

mason jar,icing,dessert,baking,Divers,

45 Use Glass Bottles to Store Bracelets and Ponytail Holders

shelf,wood,lighting,bottle,wine bottle,

Or you could use a paper towel holder if you’re paranoid about glass falling and breaking.

46 Put a Shelf over Your Bathroom Door for the Stuff You Don’t Need Regular Access to

room,yellow,furniture,product,interior design, Cleaning supplies, extra towels, bulk items, etc.

47 Hang Baskets on Rails to Store Towels and Shower Supplies

room,furniture,living room,interior design,home,

48 DIY Magnetic Makeup Board

vending machine,machine,multimedia,REMON,perle,

Get the directions here.

49 Make a Pressing Surface to Replace Your Ironing Board

Friends of Cancer Research,product,art,bed sheet,brand,

No more unruly ironing board! Get the instructions here.

50 Use a Shoe Organizer to Store Cleaning Supplies


51 Put Washer and Dryer on a Shelf


Take advantage of vertical storage by using the space BELOW the washer and dryer. You could also install drawers.

52 Hang a Ladder from the Ceiling for Air Drying Clothes

room,house,floor,home,interior design,

Get the full directions here.

53 Use Cables to Store Balls

Wilson Sporting Goods,man made object,furniture,room,shelf,

54 Store Bins on the Ceiling

These tips also work for art supplies, toys, or tools.

55 Coffee Canisters to Store Yarn


This crafter cemented the cans together, and then reinforced them by taping strips of cardboard to the back. The structure is then nailed to the wall.

56 Use the IKEA Grundtal System to Organize Crafts


This IKEA series is normally reserved for kitchenware, but it looks modern and can store ribbons and jars for art supplies as well.

57 Put Unsightly DVDs in Boxes


A DVD is 8”x6” so choose a box with the right dimensions.

58 Label Your Cords

electronics accessory,cable,technology,electronic device,font, helicopter rotor,product,vehicle,weapon,machine,

59 Store Vinyl in a Bench or Window Seat

room,property,living room,bedroom,home,

60 Get a Cable Organizer


This one is $24.99 from
product,furniture,shelf,ceiling,lighting, You could also hang a kitchen basket under a shelf or a desk.

61 Mark and Label Everything!

mason jar,meal,food,canning,produce,

Use chalkboard paint labels to mark reusable containers.

62 Cut up Shoe Holders and Attach to the inside of Cabinets for Extra Organization

room,furniture,floor,plumbing fixture,shelf,

Not the most attractive solution, but it’s out of plain view. And you can label them with a sharpie or stickers.

63 Organize a Junk Drawer with Altoid Tins

text,cash,book,personal computer hardware,Parts,

64 Repurpose!

gift basket,lighting,food,gift,candle,

Reuse paint cans, tins, Mason jars, and plastic containers to store small things. There are so many creative ways to repurpose them. Shown: paint cans covered in fabric.
Pastiglie Leone,product,label,Chimes,ORIGINAL,

65 Repurpose a Shutter into a Magazine Rack


66 Instead of Stuffing Your Plastic Bags into Some Sort of Receptable, Fold Them into Tiny Neat Triangles


Get the directions here.

67 Use Shelf Risers so You Can Keep Two Nice, Neat Tiers in Any Cubby-sized Hole


Of course, your DVDs would be alphabetical.

68 Hang Your Shelves Upside down so That the Brackets Automatically Create Built-in Compartments

color,room,furniture,product,bed sheet,

69 Get a Purse Organizer

handbag,bag,product,coin purse,brand, The best way to stay organized on the go. Get this one here for $26.

70 Keep Junk Drawers Neat with Bins Velcroed to the Bottom

room,floor,product,flooring,sink, room,

The velcro will keep the bins from moving around.

71 Use Wire CD Racks to Organize Tupperware Lids

room,product,furniture,shelf,changing table,

72 Use a Pegboard to Keep Dishes Neat

man made object,green,yellow,room,table,

Outfit them with pegboard inserts and you can customize them to your plate and bowl size.

73 THIS is How You Can Organize Your Measuring Spoons and Cups

man made object,room,Keep,dem,organized,

74 Attach a Command Hook to the Side of Food Canisters for Easy Scooping


75 Put All the Stuff That is Cluttering up the Front of Your Fridge on the inside of Your Cupboard

room,interior design,furniture,machine,

76 Use Pipe Straps from Your Local Hardware Store to Make a Cheap and Easy Utensil Holder


77 Use a Utensil Divider to Store Toothbrushes


Instead of keeping them out in the open where they can get all germy.

78 Replacing Your Weirdly Sized Shampoo and Body Wash Bottles with Uniform Bottles Will Give an Appearance of Neatness

product,shelf,lighting,furniture,light fixture,

Just be sure to label what they are.

79 For Your Drawers, Use Thick Sheets of Posterboard to Create Compartments for All Your Makeup Needs

brand,, It’ll cost you, like, $2 from the dollar store. Get the instructions here.

80 A Metal Tiered Caddy is a Great Way to Organize Bath Toys or Shower Supplies

color,green,room,yellow,interior design,

Rather than keeping stuff littered around the rim of the bathtub.

81 Hang Glasses and Sunglasses on a Chain Suspended between Two Hooks


You’ll be able to see them splayed out right in front of you.

82 Use a Shoe Organizer to Organize Socks and Underwear


Also a great idea for baby clothes if you don’t have much dresser space.

83 Use Cutlery Trays and Command Hooks to Organize Your Jewelry

room,furniture,shelf,product,interior design,

You could use the dead space in your closet or the back of the door.

84 Use Ice Cube Trays to Organize Tiny Things, like Earrings and Other Jewelry

product,magenta,fashion accessory,furniture,wallet,

If you have a LOT of earrings, may as well invest in an earring book.

85 Put up a Wire Shelf in the Dead Space of a Closet to Corral Wrapping Paper


86 Need Shelving for Your Desk? Use Shoe Racks


It’s a cheap and easy solution.

87 Use Magnetic Strips to Organize Your Bobbins

jewellery,fashion accessory,art,bead,hand,

88 Use Tic Tac Containers to Organize and Dispense Ribbon


89 Use a Magnetic Knife Strip to Organize Tools and Scissors


90 Another Clever Magnetic Strip Idea: Glue Washers to the Bottom of Plastic Containers and Stick Them to a Magnetic Strip


You can use the cheap plastic containers from Glad for an inexpensive way to organize your little bits and bobs.

91 Use Nails and Binder Clips to Store Paint Tubes

man made object,product,electrical wiring,interior design,design,

This would also work on the inside of a cabinet.

92 Keep the Thread and Buttons from Your Clothing in a Binder or Photo Album


93 Use a Shower Caddy to Make a Gift Wrapping Station


You could also use it as a sewing, crafting, or tool station.

94 Use PVC Pipes to Organize Your Garden Tools in the Shed

man made object,product,Ashbee,Design,Com,

Label them, obvs.

95 Cut up a Shoe Organizer to Create an over-the-seat Caddy for Your Car


Imperative if you’ve got kids.
car,product,automotive exterior,bag,bumper, And don’t forget to store extra jackets.

96 A Simple and Inexpensive Paper Envelope Holder Can Be Used to Organize Receipts or Coupons


They’re held together by labels, making this DIY super easy. Get the directions here.

97 Keep Your Games and Cards in Uniform Boxes

Phase 10,Skip-Bo,food,product,play,

98 Create a Makeshift Bar by Putting Your Liquor and Cocktail Supplies on Shelves

room,bar,restaurant,interior design,meal,

99 If You Don’t Have Much Nightstand Space, Keep Magazines and Remote Controls in a Bedside Pocket Caddy

furniture,product,room,bed sheet,bed,

A bed shoe pocket organizer works well for this purpose.

100 Use a Pegboard to Get Your Cleaning Supplies off the Floor

room,wall,interior design,art,door,

It’s a great idea if you’ve got some extra wall space in your laundry room.

101 Luggage Tags Are an Easy Way to Label Baskets


And you can color-code them and make them all pretty and rainbow-colored if you want.

102 Use a Wooden Pallet to Corral Pool Supplies outside


Everything in its place.

103 Use Skubb boxes to organize baby clothes for a nursery


All those tiny clothing items can get mixed up real fast.

104 Use a Picture Frame as a Slide-out Shoe Tray underneath a Dresser


105 Use a Rollinf Stand for Cleaning Supplies That You Can Wheel from Room to Room


Anything that makes cleaning easier and faster is a huge plus in my book.

106 Use a Spice Rack to Hold Books You Want to Display in a Kids’ Room

room,product,art,shelf,brand, Flickr: heathashli

107 They Also Hold Two Rows of Nail Polish Perfectly, if You’ve Got an Overflowing Collection


108 Stack Bookcases behind a Couch to Visually Divide Your Space While Also Providing Tons of Storage

room,property,flooring,floor,living room,

109 Use a Remote Holder in the Car for All Your Kids’ Stuff

room,furniture,car seat,090,

110 Those magnetic spice canister thingies can be used in the bathroom to hold tiny things like bobby pins and hair ties

room,product,lighting,bottle,glass bottle,

111 Corral those stuffed animals with Ikea's Komplement’s multi-use hanger

christmas decoration,pattern,

112 A Magazine Rack Will Reign in Your Clutter as a Mail Center


113 A Magazine Holder Perfectly Fits Rolls of Aluminum Foil and Saran Wrap


114 Cute Planters Are an Exceedingly Adorable Way to Hold Your Makeup Brushes


115 Arrange Short Shelves in a V Shape for an Interesting Way to Display Shoes

room,furniture,interior design,window covering,design,

116 Hang up a Change Jar to Collect All the Spare Coins You Find in Your Pockets

mason jar,bottle,drinkware,product,glass bottle,

This one is $34 here, or you learn how to make one yourself here.

117 Or, Enlist a Piggy Bank to Help Turn That Spare Change into Savings

product,bottle,glass bottle,lighting,drinkware,
From here. Get a similar one here for $14.99.

118 Turn an Outdoor Box into a Mini Trash Can for Lint


Also great if you’re a frequent camper or BBQ-er, because lint makes a great fire starter. See how to make your own lint catcher here.

119 Pin Your Socks Together Right before You Toss Them in the Hamper

footwear,sock,shoe,fashion accessory,wool, onegoodt

Use rust-proof safety pins (like these, $3.99), because they’ll bang around less than this clothespin would. From here.

120 Still Losing Socks? Make a “save Dobby” Lost Sock Jar

Quality Quidditch Supplies,food,distilled beverage,produce,coconut, If it doesn’t find it’s match, at least it can free an elf. Get the instructions for painting and stenciling the lid here.

121 You Can Also Hang up a Little Lost-sock Clothes Line


Get the tutorial here.

122 Hang Your Ironing Board on Two Attractive Hooks

clothing,fashion accessory,jewellery,necklace,Treesa,

Find two sturdy hooks that are your style, and hang them near each other (measure the length of your ironing board’s foot, so you know what distance will work). From here.

123 If Your Room is Too Small for an Ironing Board, Make a DIY Version That Fits on Top of the Dryer

art,tablecloth,product,furniture,bed sheet,

See the tutorial here. Alternatively, you can buy a tabletop ironing board, like this one, $4.99.

124 Slide a Slim Cart into the Tiny Space between Your Washer and the Wall

clothes dryer,product,major appliance,washing machine,

Tiny laundry room struggle. Get this one for $29.99 here

125 Hang an over-the-door Rack on the inside of Your Laundry Room Door to Store Laundry and Other Cleaning Supplies

man made object,room,shelf,furniture,product,

Bonus points if you paint the door with chalkboard paint, first. From here.

126 Decant Your Detergent into a Beverage Dispenser and Avoid Heavy Lifting

product,lighting,kitchen appliance,ORAX,

For store-bought detergent, you’ll want a dispenser that can handle thicker liquids. Or, make your own detergent. See more here.

127 You Can Also Decant Your Fabric Softener


And put pretty labels on them, natch. From here.

128 Store Pods and Powder Detergents in Glass Penny Candy Jars

room,lighting,furniture,ceiling,plumbing fixture,

If you have little kids, though, make sure they’re stationed well out of reach (you don’t want them thinking those colorful pods are ACTUALLY candy). Get a similar jar here for $9.99. From here and here.

129 Keep Socks and Other Top-of-the-washer Clothes from Falling off with One of These Laundry Guards

washing machine,gas stove,laundry,major appliance,clothes dryer,

Useful if you have a similar front-loader setup (they’re also adjustable to fit just one machine). Available here for $29.95.

130 ~Helpful~ Roommate or Partner Always Changing out Laundry for You? Write down Any Line-dry Items with a Dry Erase Marker on the Washer Lid


Smiley face optional. From here.

131 Print out and Frame This Laundry Guide so You Always Know What the Symbols on Your Tags Mean


Available for free in several colors here, based on this guide.

132 Speaking of Line Dry: Hide Retractable Clothes Lines in a Cabinet, then Stretch Them across to the opposite Wall when You Need Them

room,property,home,cottage,interior design,

Also tucked in a corner: a glass penny candy jar, this time holding clothespins. From here.

133 Spruce up a Basement Laundry Room by Staining the Concrete Floor


See how they did this here.

134 Build Yourself Some Industrial Shelving, if You’re Feeling up for a Challenge

room,interior design,home,shelf,design,

It’s certainly a weekend’s worth of project, but it could really make your laundry room look more ~sophisticated~, even if you’re not staging it for your blog. Get the step-by-step here.

135 Put Together a Stain Station, with All the Tools You Need to Get out Every Possible Stain


Find this and other laundry room ideas at Better Homes and Gardens. Learn more about stain removal tricks over here.

136 Separate Your Colors Well Ahead of Time by Using Designated Hampers


This will work best for grown-ups. Parents, you’re doing a stellar job if your kids remember to put their laundry in the hamper at all. From here.

137 Take the Basket Organization System One Step Further and Label Each Basket with a Name

room,product,kitchen stove,olkadot,SYDNEY,

Read more about this mom’s laundry system here.

138 Lack Shelf Space for Your Baskets or a Rolling Cart? Mount a Wire Shelf Upside-down above Your Machines to Make Them Easy to Reach


Learn more about it here.

139 Keep an over-the-sink Cutting Board Handy to Temporarily Expand Your Counter Space

room,countertop,property,floor,sink, If you have a tiny kitchen, you know that counter space comes at a premium. Get this one for $39.73 here, or one without a colander here.

140 Create Extra Counter Space by Buying an over-the-sink Shelf

sink,room,plumbing fixture,shelf,product, This one is $29.99, here.

141 Use Screw-hooks in the Top of an Awkward Corner Cabinet to Turn It into a Pot Rack

room,property,kitchen,floor,home, From here. Screw hooks are a little over $6 for a pack of 25, here.

142 Use Sugru (a Moldable Glue) to Make Customized Pot Lid Holders on the inside of Your Cabinets

man made object,room,product,machine, Get some here, $22 for a pack of 8, and find the tutorial here.

143 The Insides of Cabinets Are Also Great Places to Put Hooks for Rags, Gloves, and Pot Holders

Get similar hooks here, $9.58 for a pack of 18.

144 Even a Small, Narrow Rolling Cart Can Majorly up Your Storage

room,furniture,product,kitchen,machine, Stick it in a tiny awkward space that wouldn’t serve any use anyway. Get a similar one for $24.99 here.

145 Store Your Pans on These Genius Slide-out Racks

man made object,room,wood,home,furniture, Get it here.

146 Use Pull-out Drawers for All Your Bread and Root Veggies

room,food,furniture,table,drawer, See more here.

147 Keep All Your Heavy-duty Tapes in This DIY Dispenser

man made object,furniture,room,wood,table, See how to make it here.

148 Use a Picture Ledge Next to or behind Your Bed for Phones and Glasses

room,furniture,automotive exterior,interior design,living room, Perfect for tiny spaces. See how here.

149 Turn a Chest or Bench into an Elaborate Filing Cabinet

room,furniture,product,living room,home, Directions here.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! These are all you need to get your home organized and perfect, just the way you always wanted! Thanks for reading, and let me know if we missed on any awesome hacks in the comments!


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