Life Hacks for the Busy Woman ...


Life Hacks for the Busy  Woman ...
Life Hacks for the Busy  Woman ...

Being a woman is not all that easy, so I’ve pulled together some cool hacks that will make your life just a little bit more simple for us ladies.

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Deodorize Pants

If you find that your pants have a funky odor, throw them in a plastic bag and then throw them in the freezer overnight to remove those odors.


Plastic-Bottle Jewelry Stand

To create yourself a jewelry stand, you can use the bottoms of Mountain Dew bottles and then thread them all together using a metal rod.


Painted Keys

Never get confused over which key goes to what again. Use nail polish to paint your keys so that you can tell them apart.


Ice Cube Tray Organizer

Use an ordinary ice cube tray as an organizer for your jewelry.


Wine-Bottle Jewelry Stand

Once you have finished off that bottle of wine, you can turn the bottle into a new holder for some of your jewelry.


Cheese Grater Earring Stand

Grab a cheap metal cheese grater and paint it with some sparkly spray paint, and now you have a place to hand you earrings.


Get the Most out of Your Makeup

If you find yourself running a bit low on liquid foundation, place it in from of you blow dryer for around 15 seconds. This will let the foundation melt a bit and it will pour out of the bottle more easily.


Breaking in New Shoes

The worst thing ever is breaking in new shoes. All you have to do is take a thick pair of socks, wear your shoes, and then hit the tightest corners with a hair drying. Continue this until the shoes start to fit better.


ChapStick Bank

You can use an empty ChapStick tube to hid money in. This is perfect when you are travelling or walking in areas that are unsafe.


Put on a Bracelet without Help

Use a piece of tape to hold the bracelet on your wrist, which makes it easy for you to make the connection.


Preserve Your Jewelry

To keep your jewelry from tarnishing, you can paint them with clear nail polish.


Organize Cords

To help keep all of those electronic cords untangles, fasten them together with ribbons or hair ties.


Open Bottles

Can’t find your bottle opener? Use that eyelash curler to remove those tough bottle caps.


Flat-Iron Your Cloths

Don’t think you have to go out and buy an iron just use your straightener and/or hair dryer to remove those wrinkles.


Prevent Runs in Your Tights

If you notice that you have a snag in your tights, spray it with some hairspray and that hole won’t get any bigger. Clear nail polish works just as well.


Remove Deodorant Marks

If you notice that your clothes have deodorant marks, grab a pair of nylons or tights and rub them on the stain. The stain will disappear.

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