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Life Hacks for the Unstoppable Woman ...

By Felicia

Women are constantly bombarded with lots of stuff, lots more than men are faced with. We have to style our hair, make sure our wardrobe is on point, plus lots of other daily rituals. While the majority of us has figure out our daily routine, the following life hacks will make that routine just a bit easier.

1 Use a T-shirt Instead of Towel to Dry Your Hair. the Cotton Won’t Create Breakage like a Towel Will, and the Water is Absorbed Faster

2 Use a Flat Iron to Get Rid of Small Wrinkles in Your Shirt when You Don’t Have the Time to Pull out the Iron

3 Grab Some Fabric and an Old Pair of Heels, and Make a New Pair of Heels. Glue Pieces of Fabric onto Old Heels to Make Them New Again. You Can Cover the Whole Thing, or Just Sections

4 Create Your Own Amazing Natural Makeup Remover. Take Two Parts Filtered Water and Mix It with One Part Extra Virgin Oil. Pour Them into a Bottle and Make Sure That You Shake It before Every Use so That Everything is Mixed Well

5 Use the Teeth of a Staple Remover to Open up a Key Ring to Slide Your Keys on. This Way You Won’t Ruin Your Nails

6 To Get Beachy Waves without Going to the Beach, Mix Together Sea Salt and Water and Spritz on Your Hair

7 Grab Some Shower Curtain Hooks and Use Them as Purse Holders

8 Need to Whiten Your Teeth, but Don’t Want to Use a Chemical Product? Take a Piece of a Banana Peel and Gently Rub It across Your Teeth for Two Minutes

9 To Get Rid of Unsightly Yellow Stains on Your White Shirts, Mix Together Blue down, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Baking Soda. Mix One Part of the Soap with Two Parts Hydrogen Peroxide Together. Pour This on the Stain and Sprinkle It with Some Baking Soda. Use a Scrub Brush to Scrub the Cleaning Solution into the Shirt. Let It Sit for an Hour and the Wash as Usual

10 Get Rid of That Annoying Fuzz on Your Coat with a Disposable Razor or a Pumice Stone

11 Make Your Rubber Flip Flops Look Amazing with This DIY. Take Some White Ribbon and Glue It to the End of One of the Thong Arms of the Flip Flop. Wrap It around the Thong Tightly, Gluing as You Go, and Secure to the End of the Arm. Using the Same Ribbon, Wrap It across the Top to Create a Solid Surface to Decorate. Make Sure That Your Foot Will Still Fit in the Flip Flop. Now Glue on Small Beads and Seashells

12 That Old Bottle of Finger Nail Polish Not Wanting to Open? Use a Rubber Band and Wrap It around the Lid. This Gives You More Grip

13 Walking to Your Car in the Dark, Alone? Place Your Keys between Your Fingers for an Easy Self-defense Weapon

14 Protect Your Clothes from Your Shoes when Packing by Wrapping Them in a Shower Cap

15 Make Those Boring Bobby Pins Shine by Painting Them with Some Finger Nail Polish

16 Decorate an Old Medicine Bottle to Store Your Bobby Pins or Other Tiny Goodies

17 Wearing a Racer Back Shirt, but NO Matching Bra. Use a Paper Clip to Pull the Straps Back and Hid Them

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