11 Priceless Life Hacks All Girls Need to Know ...


11 Priceless Life Hacks All Girls Need to Know ...
11 Priceless Life Hacks All Girls Need to Know ...

Being a girl is tough enough - that's why we need as many life hacks as we can get! This free life advice is from me to you - all girls out there, with hope, that it'll help you avoid the tricky life's pitfalls that are always there in our path. Here we go:

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If Your Bra Straps Are Showing ...

You need a strapless bra with that outfit. It's not sexy. No, it's not. Not even one peeking out. Not even a little. Any/every bra strap argument is invalid


Showing bra straps can somewhat mar the seamless look of certain tops and dresses, detracting from the sleek silhouette you aim for. Remember, strapless bras are invaluable in your wardrobe arsenal for those off-shoulder or halter neck designs. And hey, if you're worried about support, modern options come with amazing grip and lift. Going strapless ensures elegance and keeps the focus on your outfit—not on the straps playing peek-a-boo with the world. Don't let unsightly straps derail your style statement; opt for the snug, hidden support of a strapless bra and rock that gorgeous look with confidence.


The Thing about Eyeliner is ...

That it always looks like eyeliner, so you either learn to apply like a pro - I mean perfectly or buy a blending brush and get on it!


Eyeliner can truly make or break your look. Mastering the feline flick or the sultry smoked-out effect takes practice, patience, and a steady hand. If you're not confident in your skills, a great hack is to use small dots or dashes along the lash line, then connect them smoothly. Also, never underestimate the power of a good eyeliner pencil—softer and more forgiving than liquid options, they're perfect for beginners. Plus, smudging is your friend when aiming for a more natural, effortless look; a little imperfection can add to the charm. Just remember to keep it neat and close to the lashes for the best effect!


When It Comes to Your Teeth ...

Choose a reputable, specialty certified cosmetic dentist with a gazillion years of experience or your caps are guaranteed to look like Chiclets.


When selecting a cosmetic dentist, look for boutique dental practices that offer personalized care. Remember, a perfect smile goes beyond what meets the eye – so ensure they prioritize dental health alongside appearance. Reviews and before-and-after galleries are your BFFs here; they're a treasure trove of what-to-expect and evidence of past dental triumphs. And, pro tip: don't skimp on regular check-ups and cleanings – because a fabulous, pearly-white movie-star smile needs a strong, healthy foundation. Confidence in your dentist translates to confidence in your smile!


Frosted Lipstick is ...

Always a bad decision, no matter how much they push it with the Mermaid trend etc. Makes your teeth look 3 tones more yellow than they are. Who needs that?


Just say "No" to frosted lipstick. Sure, it has its moment in the spotlight every few years, but ignore the sirens of nostalgia. Embrace lip colors that enhance your smile, not detract from it. Instead, opt for matte or crème finishes that can actually make your teeth appear brighter. If you're aiming for a bit of shine, go with a subtle gloss—it gives a fresh, plump look without the flashback to less flattering times. Keep your pout on point, ladies, and let frosted lipstick remain a thing of the past.


If You Wear Eyeshadow ...

Navigate it carefully. There is a fine line between: 'ohhh such pretty eyes you have' and what I refer to as the '70's heroin prostitute' look. Very fine line. Beware!


Sure! When applying eyeshadow, blend, blend, blend. It's the secret to looking effortlessly put-together rather than overdone. Use primer to keep those shades in place, sparing you from the infamous crease catastrophe. Stick to colors that compliment your natural eye color and skin tone, magnifying that sparkle in your eyes, rather than overshadowing them. Don't forget that less is often more – a light touch can speak volumes!


If You Cannot Walk in Super High Heels ...

Practice until you can at least fake it for enough steps to get from the car to the restaurant table and from that table to the restroom. Do a dress rehearsal, if necessary. Walking in heels is a skill for life.


If You Are Friendly, Sweet, Smiley, Goofy, and Chatty PErson ...

You may want to make the disclaimer that you aren't interested in every man you're friendly, sweet, smiley, goofy, and chatty with/to. Maybe you're just a - wait for it - nice person?


Every Girl Needs a Male Bestie ...

Who will let her know that the outfit she's on the fence about, looks better on the fence. More often than not it's true, but there's no one to tell us that to our face. Again, male bestie needed!


On Your Worst Day ...

At your weakest moment, in the neediest of times, do not fall for a compliment from your ex. Your ex is an ex for a reason and he should stay in his ex-land where he belongs forever and ever.


Make Sure Your Extensions Are ...

The right texture that matches/blends with your own hair. I call it 'coordinating your continents'. Can't have Africa in the front and on the sides of your head and Asia in the back of your head. Try, check, compare. Try, check compare, repeat - until you get the perfect ones and place them in the right places.


Find a Cool One Word Statement and Make It Your Signature

How is that for a statement? I am sure you can come up with a few awesome ones of your own. Good luck out there, girls! Now you are ready for life, share this wisdom!

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