8 Things No Girl Should Hesitate to Put in Her Diary ...


8 Things No Girl Should Hesitate to Put in Her Diary ...
8 Things No Girl Should Hesitate to Put in Her Diary ...

Everyone probably has a different view of the things to keep in your diary but carerrgirldaily.com thinks there is a minimum of eight essentials. Your diary isn't just for keeping track of appointments and phone numbers, it is a life tool. Make the most of your diary and feel more in control of your life. It's also a great memento to look back over in future years. These things to keep in your diary will keep you organized and motivate and inspire you.

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Inspirational Quotes

I believe that there is a quote for every period of our life. Whatever inspirational quote you bump into that you like or feels appropriate just write it down. These quotes will help you during hard times and boost your mood every time you open up the pages of your diary. Books, songs, movies and blogs are a good source of quotes.


Letters to Yourself

From time to time, try this useful exercise. You can write whatever you want: from current achievements to future goals and wishes to yourself. Finding them and reading them in a couple of years will be a pleasant and interesting surprise.


Goal List

Make a list of your future goals and always bring it with you wherever you go. It will help you stay focused but also encourage you every time you are thinking of quitting or giving up. Every time you cross off something from your list you will feel wonderfully productive and proud of yourself.


Eating Plans + Exercise Routine

Health and food are an important part of our life so it is important to have a fitness and eating schedule even though we might be incredibly busy. Being caught up at work or at uni is indeed no good excuse to not take care of your body. Having your plans and schedules down on paper will help you stay motivated and it will be easier to follow a healthy lifestyle.



Seriously, don’t forget to put those important appointments in your diary. We’re always putting the fun stuff in and forgetting to schedule doctor’s appointments or trips to the dentist, but if you just put a reminder or a sticker in every time you think you need another boring appointment, you’ll be on top of them.

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Friends Messages

Ask your friends to leave a message in your diary, it might seem silly but they’ll be more than willing to leave sweet (or rude) messages for you to find. It will be helpful to find them there whenever you need them. Sometimes a few words can change our day and turn a bad day into a good one.


Useful Numbers and Dates

When you get a new diary, spend a few minutes filling in useful numbers and dates, even if you have to use Facebook to remember everybody’s birthdays, having them down on paper is invaluable Do not just rely on technology and your smartphones: sometimes the good old way can be the best and most efficient one! If for example your phone runs out of battery and you really need to reach someone, you can still go to a payphone or ask someone for their phone, as long as you have the contact’s number written somewhere!



Just like quotes, pictures from the past of family and friends will help you go through the toughest periods of your life. Images have a strong evocative power so use it at your advantage. Having pics in your diary will also help you make it more personal and looking back at those pictures in a couple of years will definitely make you smile…or shed a tear! Stick an envelope in the back of your diary or get crafty and stick them in old pages. You won’t regret it.

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