What It's like to Be a Millennial Who Moves Back in with Their Parents 👪 ...

Moving back in with your parents is the pits. Even if you love them to death and you get along super well, moving back home after you've had a taste of independence changes things. A lot of millennials are currently discovering that because many of them find that they have to move back home after getting their college degrees. Some of them simply can't afford to live on their own because they're crushed under college debt. Some of them have difficulty getting jobs right away. Some of them have jobs but still can't afford rent. You get the idea. They're not moving back home because they're lazy or entitled or spoiled, though. People think that, but it's patently untrue. Here's what it's actually like for millennials who have to move back in with their parents.

1. You Feel Absolutely Defeated

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No matter why you're moving back in with your parents and no matter how much support you get for it, you just feel defeated. You're a grown up, you're not supposed to have to go back home again, and you're just not quite sure how you reached this point.

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