7 Reasons You Shouldn't Move Back in with Your Parents ...


What are the reasons you shouldn't move back in with your parents? In some cultures, it's common for different generations of the family to share a home, and it can work very well. However, in western culture it can create a difficult situation. So when is it better for you not to move back home? Here are some of the reasons you shouldn't move back in with your parents …

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Because You're Lazy

One of the reasons you shouldn't move back in with your parents is if you're being lazy and like your parents doing everything for you. As an adult you should be taking care of yourself, and if you can't be bothered with tasks like laundry and cleaning then your alternative is to pay someone to do these jobs for you. Your mom is not your servant.


Living off Them

When you move back into the family home, you probably won't pay the market rent for your room. So in a way you're living off them. This may be acceptable if the idea is to help you get back on your feet financially. But you shouldn't move back in and expect your parents to pay for everything; a grown adult should pay their own way in life.


Loss of Independence

One of the most uncomfortable things about moving back into the family home is that it reminds you of your teenage years. It's like being a child again. You become very aware that you're in your parents' home. It can be worse than being in a shared home, especially if your parents also forget that you're a grown adult and start laying down the law!



Everyone can get into difficulties through factors outside their control, and if you have to move back in with your parents because of health problems, that's understandable. But otherwise, adults should take care of themselves and provide their own accommodation. Moving back to your parents' home can infantilise you.


Living under your parents' roof often means slipping back into old family dynamics, where you might not be seen or treated as an independent adult. This can hinder personal growth and affect self-esteem, as it's easy to become reliant on the comfort and conveniences provided. Remember, developing self-reliance is critical. Plus, it's rewarding to overcome personal challenges without resorting to the safety net of your childhood home. Embracing your self-sufficiency is a sign of maturity, and maintaining that separation can be crucial for both your identity and the health of your relationship with your parents.


No Exit Strategy

When you do decide to go back home to live, you should always have an exit strategy. Work out how and when you'll be able to move back into your own place. If you don't, it can be quite depressing. Having a timetable and a plan will help minimise any sense of awkwardness you feel, and know that you don't have to sleep in your old childhood room forever.


You Don't Get on

If you don't get on with your parents that well, resist the idea of moving back in with them at all costs. Living with them will be pretty miserable if you're going to squabble all the time. It can be tough enough if you do get on, so a difficult relationship will quickly become uncomfortable for everyone concerned.


Remember, clashing personalities and old wounds can be exacerbated by close quarters, leaving you feeling trapped in a cycle of tension. Every disagreement could feel like rehashing childhood arguments, while autonomy you've worked hard to build can quickly erode under your parents' roof. It's vital to consider the emotional cost against any financial savings – mental well-being is priceless. If the relationship is already strained, living together could push it to breaking point, leaving scars that could take years to heal. Always weigh the emotional pros and cons before making such a significant decision.


They're Not Keen

Don't try to push the idea if your parents aren't keen. They've done their job and brought you up, and they're not obliged to do so again now you're an adult. Maybe you moving back in would upset their new life.

This isn't to say that moving back into your parents' home can never work. Some people love it. But for most people it is more likely to be difficult, as the dynamics have changed. Would you happily live with your parents, or would you rather live anywhere but with them?

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If you can't afford anywhere, find roommates. After 18 without college, or 21/22 with college, you should be on your own (again, unless you have health issues). The youth of today are too coddled, expect everything to be handed to them or provided for them without doing anything themselves.

I agree. If anyone is wanting independence and a more prosperous life move out. I'm currently a student in my second year of college and so much has happened to where i was willing to leave home with only the clothes on my back and my sscard birth certificate id and 200 in my name but my mom called the police thinking i stole from her where i never took nor attempted to steal. I am still offended that she would think that and have police to come and get me during class which disrupted my studies because she didnt want me to leave but if anger negativity come to you and you find happiness outside of home plan out save and get the hell out of there so you wont be stuck.

Yes, the question is, how do I move out? I know I want to, but getting into the job market seems to be a challenge right now, even here in Canada.

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