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I was out one night with my good friend and we were just observing "kids" (I mean 18 year olds) getting drunk and I thought about when, in my young life, did I find reasons to party less? I think it was when I realized that movie marathons on a Friday night and sleeping in on Saturdays are way better than a hangover and smelly hair (because of cigarette smoke!). Here are more reasons to party less and why it may be best to put away your ruby slippers and come back down to terra firma.

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Ouch - That Hurt My Wallet!

When you're new to the club/bar scene, there is a high chance that hot guys would be pouring drinks down you for free. But over time, as my friend would say, "it may not happen that much". Booze costs money. Hey, several things in this world are not free! Your reasons to party less may vary. For me, I realized that going out to party nowadays is expensive and will burn a hole in your VISA card faster than you can believe.


Health is Wealth

This may be a nicer of way saying "you're not getting any younger." Let's face it, the calendar turns for everyone and if you think going out to your nearest nightclub is going to rejuvenate your blood cells, guess again. Most likely you will kill scores of them with the liquor you will be consuming. Be smart and “do lunch” with your best gal pal instead. Communicate with real people.


I Don’t Feel so Good

You may have forgotten how awful it feels to wake up the next morning with a massive hangover as you find yourself on your knees praying to the “porcelain god” to just stop the world from turning because your head is spinning and your stomach is churning. Ick.


Where Am I?

Good question! The next morning you may not know where you are, what time it is, whom you are sleeping next to or how you got there. You sort of, kind of remember, you had a great time to the pounding music, hot guys and big smiles all around. Worse part? If you have an important appointment the next day and you had to scurry out of your apartment to gather yourself and your things.


What Will He/She Say?

Married women, attention! So, you went out to party all night, didn’t call your hubby (or significant other) to tell him/her where you are, whom you are with and you roll in around 10 a.m. What reception do you think you will have when you stumble in the door? Probably not good. Is trying to make the party scene worth doing serious damage to your marriage? You’ll be fortunate if you are let in the house and not handed your luggage with a one word note that says, “Arrivederci”


What Will They Say?

Even worse when you have kids and they greet “Mommy” at the door after an all-nighter. "Well, I look like this because I got mauled by a dog. No, actually I had to change a flat tire in the pouring rain.” Are you going to tell them that? Best to avoid these awkward moments.


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As you grow older and wiser, you enjoy spending time at home just reading or strolling in the park or visiting the library and watching people read the newspaper. It's nice to be able to talk with someone without shouting because of loud music.

How about you? When did you decide to party less? Why?

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Completely agree with U. Sadly my generation doesn't seem to understand it👎

I got older , I'm still single but for the past 11 years my job doesn't really allow it , I'm on shift every other weekend and then I work overtime on weekends off as I own a big home alone and earning better than spending , but boring !!!

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