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7 Reasons Not to Take so Many Selfies ...

By Alison

What are the reasons not to take too many selfies? While it's fun to take some shots of yourself, especially if there's no-one else to take a snap for you, you can go too far with the selfies. Social media sites are chock full of selfies, with some people posting several every day. But this can become a bit too obsessive and repetitive. Here are some reasons not to take too many selfies …

1 Obsessive

One of the reasons not to take too many selfies is that it's rather obsessive (and self-obsessive). In a word (or two) … Kim Kardashian. Nobody's disputing that she's an attractive woman, but boy, does she take too many selfies! Nobody needs to take that many pictures of themselves, so resist the temptation to pull your phone out at every opportunity.

2 Nobody's Interested

Frankly, nobody is interested in seeing hundreds of selfies of anyone else. Ask yourself one question: do you enjoy looking at your friends' selfies? If you don't want to see their selfies, then don't force them to look at yours. If you must post something on social media, post cat videos. Everybody likes cat videos!


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3 Narcissistic

Posting lots of pics of yourself is a pretty narcissistic thing to do. It's like saying that your face is so interesting that people should look at it. Maybe you do have an interesting face (everybody does in their own way), but posting so many selfies is really rather attention-seeking. It's saying 'Look at me/at this amazing place I went on vacation/how cute I look in this outfit!'

4 Regret

Remember that any photos you put up on social media can be copied or shared. So before you post pics of yourself drunk or in your underwear, consider that those pictures may be viewed by people you'd really rather didn't see them. Discretion is a wise choice; don't post anything that you might well regret posting one day.

5 Annoying

Taking and posting selfies can actually be pretty annoying for other people. You might want to take loads of selfies of yourself at a concert - 'Look at me at the show!' - but you'll annoy other people intensely. They want to see the concert, not your smartphone glowing and blocking their view.

6 Inappropriate Situations

Never, ever take any selfies in inappropriate situations. Always consider whether anyone would be offended by you posting selfies you've taken, and whether they'd be right to be offended. It might seem funny to snap a quick selfie by a car crash, but it would actually be in very poor taste.

7 Negativity

Finally, posting lots of selfies can create a lot of negativity. It's an easy way for people to bully you by criticising your pics (and therefore criticising you and your looks). If you find that your pics are getting too much of a negative response, it's time to rein in the selfie-taking and leave your phone in your pocket.

Selfies can be fun, but like many things they can easily get out of hand. Take a few as a memento of a great experience or an outfit you love, but don't take it to extremes. Above all, don't become obsessed with documenting every step of your life - enjoy your life instead. Do you know any selfie-obsessives?

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