7 Reasons You Won't Enjoy Sharing a House when You're over 30 ...

Sharing a house tends not to be so much fun when you're older; it's a way of life that suits younger people better. But the house prices and low wages in many places are forcing people to share that would otherwise have rented or bought a place of their own. Here are the reasons why you probably won't enjoy sharing a house when you're over 30 …

1. It's for Young People

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One of the reasons why you probably won't enjoy sharing a house in your thirties is that it's best suited to young people, who are more likely to enjoy the sociability of sharing. When you're younger you enjoy house parties, aren't bothered by noise, and sharing facilities is no big deal. As you get older, though, all that just isn't as much fun.

2. Less Tolerant

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One thing all my friends agree on is that we just don't have the patience for sharing any more. You just don't want to deal with other people's dramas and lack of consideration. Things like waiting to get in the bathroom, dirty dishes in the sink, and the TV on loud when you want to sleep are seriously annoying.

3. Own Space

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As you get older, having your own space becomes very important. You shared a house (maybe even a room) when you were growing up, you shared at college, and throughout your twenties while starting a career. Now you want your own space, that you can have as clean (or messy) as you wish, without other people getting in the way.

4. Parties

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House parties are fun when you're younger, but once you're past 30 … not so much. Especially not when they take place every weekend and you can't chill at home after a long week. But you can't very well stop your housemates inviting their friends back, so the parties tend to happen regardless.

5. Feels like Student Life

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Another problem with sharing is that it feels as though you're still living like a student, at a point when you're well past your student years. It can be very disappointing to realise that you're still living in that kind of situation. We'd all like our own home, but the numbers just don't stack up, especially in the big cities. Having your own home can feel a long way ahead.

6. Relationships

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It's also not very easy to have a relationship when you share a house. Who wants to share movie night with their roommate, or bring a prospective partner back to a room where your roommate is only next door? You have to schedule a romantic dinner when your roommate is out of town, or ask them to keep a low profile (which is awkward for them).

7. Obligation

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Many people are forced to share a house well into their 30s and even 40s because of the economic crisis and the cost of living. And being obliged to do something you'd rather not do makes you feel resentful and angry because it's happening due to factors outside your control.

If you do enjoy sharing, regardless of being over 30, then you're lucky. Aside from the sociability of sharing, the advantage is that you get to reduce your living costs. If you're not so keen, then all you can do is make the best of it - and save hard to afford your own place. Would you rather share, or live alone?

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