8 Reasons Why πŸ€” Living on Your Own 🏑 is Awesome πŸ‘ ...


Who hasn’t been in a situation where your roommates or your family are driving you crazy and you wish you were suddenly alone in your apartment? Well, these problems are non-existent if you are living alone. Sure some people are not big fans of living alone, since they actually prefer company or can’t afford it but maybe at some point, everyone should give it a try. Here are some reasons why living alone can be awesome.

1. You Can Have Your Friends over, Every Day and All Day

When you have roommates and family members to think about, inviting your friends over for a night at home is not so easy, especially if you are the type of person that doesn’t even like the possibility that you will bother anyone in any way and you have noisy friends. When you are living alone there is no problem with that. It’s your house, you can invite anyone you want, anytime you want.

You Can COME and GO without Giving Explanations to Anyone