8 Reasons Why Living on Your Own is Awesome ...


8 Reasons Why  Living on Your Own is Awesome ...
8 Reasons Why  Living on Your Own is Awesome ...

Who hasn’t been in a situation where your roommates or your family are driving you crazy and you wish you were suddenly alone in your apartment? Well, these problems are non-existent if you are living alone. Sure some people are not big fans of living alone, since they actually prefer company or can’t afford it but maybe at some point, everyone should give it a try. Here are some reasons why living alone can be awesome.

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You Can Have Your Friends over, Every Day and All Day

When you have roommates and family members to think about, inviting your friends over for a night at home is not so easy, especially if you are the type of person that doesn’t even like the possibility that you will bother anyone in any way and you have noisy friends. When you are living alone there is no problem with that. It’s your house, you can invite anyone you want, anytime you want.


You Can COME and GO without Giving Explanations to Anyone

If you live with family then the questions of “where are you going?” and “what time will you get back?” and “who are you going to be with?” are very common. When you live in your own apartment you can walk in and out anytime you want without having to pass through an interrogation every time.


You Can Decorate However You like

Cute framed pictures of your baby nephew? Dark fabrics that create a medieval decor? You got it. Sure there is always the owner if you are renting, so you can’t have everything you want but as long as you don’t drill holes in the wall or do any permanent damage, it is unlikely the owner will have a problem. And since you don’t have a roommate no one will be whining about the way the house is decorated.


You Can Have Your Partner over Anytime You Want

Okay, this one is a big plus because when you have your partner over the most likely scenario would be that some intimate moments might happen. And most of the time, these are not exactly quiet. And when you have a roommate you will hold back. And when it’s family member it is even more weird and awkward. But when you live alone, the only possibility of bothering someone is your neighbors, which is also not good but it is less awkward than someone who is actually inside the house.


You Can Cook Whatever You Want

Cooking is relaxing time for a lot of people but when you share the kitchen with someone else or worse with several others, you can hardly cook those gourmet meals that you love but take hours to prepare. You might have to settle for something that takes less time to prepare. Living alone takes care of that and also no one will complain if you skip doing the dishes for a night. It’s your kitchen.


You Can Walk around Naked

Imagine this. You come home from work. You decide to take a relaxing shower and when you are done you realize you forgot to take a towel with you. So, if you have a roommate you will crack the door open for about an inch and look outside to see the whereabouts of your said roommate. Then you will run for your life into your bedroom. But when you live alone… There is absolutely no problem: you can walk around naked all the time as long as you remember to close the blinds so you won’t give a heart attack to your neighbors.


No One Will Wake You up

When you don’t have a roommate you don’t have to worry about someone else making noise in your apartment and waking you up early in the morning on your day off, or someone waking you up by banging on the door when they come home late at night and scaring you to death. Sure, there are noisy neighbors sometimes but they are not inside your house.


And Most Important… You Have No One else to Take Care of but Yourself!

Even if you and your roommate are not close, you will feel a little worried if suddenly they don’t make an appearance for a couple of days. And when you live with family, you start freaking out and are about to start calling the hospitals if they don’t make an appearance for a few hours. But when you live alone the only person you need to worry about is yourself. It might sound a little selfish, but sometimes it is essential.

Some people find lonely apartments depressing and scary, but for some others having a quiet, peaceful apartment to themselves and no one around to disturb that peace, feels actually soothing and they prefer the solitude. There are benefits to both situations and in the end it comes down to your personal choice but maybe you should try both before deciding.

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