7 Websites Perfect for Rainy Days ...


There is nothing better when it’s stormy than staying inside in your pyjamas, pouring yourself a cup of tea and scrolling through these websites perfect for rainy days! Whether you like a good giggle, playing online games, finding new fashion or doing a bit of DIY, there is a website on this list just for you! Grab your slippers, get snuggly and check out these websites perfect for rainy days!

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Etsy Even though Etsy is high up on my list of websites perfect for rainy days, it does come with a warning: make sure you visit if you have a bit of money to spare, because there is no doubt you’ll come across a hundred things you can’t live without! Full of vintage and handmade goods, if you can imagine it, you’ll find it on Etsy. Alternatively, you can sell things you’ve made yourself - entrepreneur, anyone?


Cook Republic

Cook Republic If you’re anything like me and love cooking and baking on rainy days, then Cook Republic is worth a visit. Sneh Roy is the mastermind behind the website and she creates phenomenal, delicious, healthy (well, most of them!) recipes for any occasion you could think of! Sneh not only cooks beautiful food but she takes breathtaking photos of the things she creates, which will really make your mouth water! Bon appetit!


The Hunt

The Hunt Not only will you gain some awesome fashion inspiration by visiting The Hunt, but you can help out others while they also help out you! You can post a picture of an item of clothing you find on the Internet and other people will help you to find that exact gorgeous thing and vice versa! The Hunt also regularly post competitions which you can participate in to win great prizes - get hunting!



StumbleUpon Visiting StumbleUpon is not a quick visit - you’ll be on here for hours! Taking you to websites from all corners of the Internet, StumbleUpon is a great website if you can’t decide exactly what you want to look at. Choose your interests and let StumbleUpon tailor the websites it shows you to exactly what you want to see. It’s like your personal stylist for the internet!


Armor Games

Armor Games Who doesn’t love a good online game? Well, at Armor Games there is a game to suit everyone. Whether you like strategy, simulation, word, sports, adventure, action or puzzle games, there are thousands to try out while you’re snuggled on the couch! The possibilities are endless, so get your mind working and have some fun.



Cracked If you’re looking for a giggle, Cracked is the website to visit. Full of articles about anything and everything (such as ‘The 5 Most Insane Ways People Survived Animal Attacks’ and ‘The 6 Most Bizarre Medical Hoaxes People Actually Believed’), Cracked will not only make you laugh, but you’ll learn a lot as well, which is a win-win situation, really! You can also participate in their regular Photoplasty competitions to win some spare pocket money, hooray!



Craftgawker Get your DIY on and visit Craftgawker! There’s heaps of gorgeous DIY projects to try, and it doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a week to complete it or only five minutes - you’ll find the project perfect for you! Most of the ideas on Craftgawker are cheap, simple and beautiful, and at the end of it you’ll have made something to be really proud of. When it’s stormy outside, pull out your paper and glue and get crafty!

So there you have it - my top 7 websites perfect for rainy days. I love relaxing inside when it’s stormy outside - there’s something so very cozy about it! You never know when the storm clouds will roll through, so add these websites to your bookmarks bar and get comfy! What’s your favourite website to visit when it’s raining outside?

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I love etsy

Tumblr also ❤️

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