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Are you looking for ways to celebrate World Oceans Day? I know it’s not the most well known of all the “World” days, but if you’ve read my articles on ocean conservation you’ll know I am pretty passionate about this subject. I think anything that’s fun but raises awareness of a worthy issue is always worth talking about. With that in mind, here are some ways to celebrate World Oceans Day on June 8th 2014.

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Wear Blue, Tell Two

One of the easiest ways to celebrate World Oceans Day is to show and tell your environmental awareness. Strike a chord for ocean conservation by wearing blue and, once you get someone’s attention, share two facts about the importance of protecting our oceans. You can also share different strategies for taking conservative action. An example of a fact you can share: Climate change is linked to killing coral reefs, which are home to an abundance of diverse marine life. We depend on biodiversity as a species, so the decline in any species affects us all. If we each make small and easy changes to reduce our carbon footprints, such as restricting destructive fishing practices, then we will significantly reduce our harm to the oceans and their life.You can learn more here


Ocean Promise Drive

There are many communal ways to celebrate World Oceans Day, and one of them is to organize an ocean promise drive. At your community event, you can provide conservation information and get people involved. Most importantly, you can ask attendees to make an ocean promise; that is, to pledge to alter one of their everyday habits to protect the ocean. Further, you can make an even bigger World Oceans Day wave by asking everyone at the event to share their promise via social media.


Educational Walk/Cruise

Another communal conservation awareness activity is to organize an educational walk and/or cruise. Invite a local naturalist to lead the way along a beach or nature trail, or rent some boats and go on a cruise along a lake, river or the ocean, itself. Whatever you choose to do to celebrate the day, be sure to identify and discuss the marine life, how what we do affects them and what we can change to reduce any negative effects we have on our fellow aquatic species. You might want to include some hands-on exploration to cement the experience.


Public Lectures

One of the more academic ways to celebrate World Oceans Day is to sponsor an environmental scientist or nonprofit manager to speak at a public lecture. You can ask the guest speaker to talk directly to the World Oceans Day theme for 2014, which is Youth: the Next Wave for Change. The speaker might even highlight an environmental issue of interest for the respective locale.


Visiting Classrooms

This World Oceans Day's theme focuses its attention on youth so, in order that they become the next wave for change, it’s important to try and get the kids involved. If we instill these values and habits in our youngsters early on, they are more likely to make the proper efforts that our world and the environment so direly needs. Getting around to local schools in the weeks leading up to World Oceans Day and presenting an interactive activity to the students will open up the floodgates to our world’s little activists. Use movies, games, music, crafts – whatever you can to get students excited about protecting our oceans.


World Oceans Day Page

If you, or an organization to which you belong, owns a website, write a brief excerpt about World Oceans Day to raise awareness and get folks involved. You might include the ocean conservation “Seven C’s Pledge.” There is also a “Seas the Day!” initiative, for which visitors can personally take steps towards ocean conservation. Big or small, any change towards the better makes a positive impact on our environment.


Beach Party

A beach party with a barbecue or picnic seems appropriate for World Oceans Day. With “best sea creature” costume contests, ocean-themed dance music, and sand castle building, ocean conservation will be a big hit. Ocean prizes, such as free visits to the aquarium or zoo, cool kayak tours, and of course t-shirts and hats with ocean conservation graphics, will also likely entice people to join in the fun. You might even consider a beach clean-up. Hand out garbage bags and encourage folks to sweep the beach of litter.

If you care about the oceans and their huge bio-diversity that is so significant to the health of our planet, I do hope you will mark World Oceans Day in some way. Is this something you’ve considered?

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Ocean drive, wear blue and party!

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