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Whether you’re like me or not and feel a connection to the water, there are some material reasons to be concerned about ocean conservation. This is something I feel very strongly about. The ocean is a huge factor of my travels and I adore the ocean and all marine life. Swimming in the sea and seeing whales, dolphins, seals and penguins brings me joy! I like Blue Flag beaches because I know there is care for the environment inherent in the award and I only eat sustainable fish. If you’re not sure why you should be concerned about ocean conservation read on.

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Largest Ecosystem on Earth and Harboring Tremendous Biodiversity

Over 90% of the Earth’s habitable space is made up of the oceans. Some researchers believe that 50 to 80 percent of all life is found in the oceans. And that is even more amazing when you know that we have barely explored more than 5% of the ocean! Ocean conservation means protecting a large portion of life on this planet, not to mention the forests, swamps and lakes that also derive their life from the ocean.


No Life without Oceans

Have a look at these facts and think if we can really survive without the oceans. Oceans regulate the temperature on the Earth. They produce half the oxygen that we breathe. They absorb carbon dioxide, which indirectly reduces the effect of climate change. It has a great influence on the weather and supports all the living organisms on this planet. We not only transport much of our food across the oceans, but the waters themselves produce one-sixth of the proteins that we eat! Do we still need to think twice about ocean conservation?


Home to Some Unique Species

Marine life is suffering. For example, there are only about 300 North Atlantic Right Whales left in the world. And we don’t know how many more species are either nearing extinction or are already gone. Ocean acidification, coral destruction and many invasive species are further worsening this issue. If we don’t find ways to protect the oceans quickly, we may end up losing a large number of species.


Our Children May Only Read about Marine Habitats in Books

Today’s scientists predict that without urgent measures to protect the oceans, our coral reefs may not survive for long. And with the demise of coral reefs, its habitat will also be lost. Do we really want our children to be learning about coral reefs in books when they can easily dive into the ocean and experience them first hand? All we have to do is wake up and start taking the proper measures that will ensure long life for the oceans and their habitat.


No More Deep Sea Diving

There is bad news for water sport lovers. Deep sea divers may one day have to turn to other sports for the thrill they enjoy today. We have already lost a quarter of the world’s coral reefs. If we continue with our ways, we may lose the rest pretty quickly. That means no more diving tourism and adventure! If you are a diver, think for a moment about diving in water that is polluted, hazardous for living organisms and does not contain any beauty to behold. That could well be the future so think for a moment, do you really want an ocean like that? I bet no. We have to wake up and start today with ocean conservation.


Food, Sustenance and Life Support

It might seem odd to talk about ocean conservation and talk about the food it provides, but that we eat seafood is a fact of life. Unless you are a vegetarian/vegan, the principles of ocean conservation do include the food stocks. Fish and seafood sustain economies on local and national scales, and many small island countries and coastal communities depend on fish for food or for an income. Looking after the ocean means people who have lived this way for thousands of years can continue to do so, and it also gives commercial fishing rules to work by.


It is Easy for Each of Us to Make a Difference

Forget about the authorities that are responsible for protecting the oceans and forget about those people bent on destroying our waters for petty gains. Just think for a moment what we, as individuals, can do to for ocean conservation. We can stop purchasing souvenirs that exploit the marine wildlife. We can look after the beach that we head to whenever we are looking for peace or for some fun. We can stop throwing rubbish into the sea and eat only that seafood which is certified as sustainable (check out my guide here food.allwomenstalk.com). These steps, though they may seem small, have the potential of ensuring long life for our oceans and they are easy for you to follow.

I believe ocean conservation is paramount and the health of our waters is a hugely important environmental issue. Sorry if I came across as a bit “preachy” but I think you can see my passion. Do you share it?

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