7 Ways to Stay Motivated at School after the Initial Excitement Wears off ...


Once the initial excitement of being back on campus starts to fade, I am in desperate need of the many ways to stay motivated at school. With classes, jobs, clubs, and a social life, motivation is key in staying on top of everything you deal with in your daily life. Try testing these ways to stay motivated at school and find out what works best for you.

1. Set Goals

Setting goals is one of the best ways to stay motivated at school after the initial excitement wears off. Goals are the single-most effective motivating factor in school. Try to set weekly goals, monthly goals, and semester goals. That way you will have constant and multiple goals you have a desire to reach. Create your goals and write them down in a place you will see every day. It will be a constant visual reminder of why you want to work hard.

Stay Organized
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