7 Ways to Make Living in a Small Apartment Work ...


What are some ways to make living in a small apartment work? Whether your budget means you have to live in a tiny apartment or you like the cosiness of a small space, you'll need to use that space to its best advantage. Otherwise you'll quickly end up tripping over your belongings and feeling cramped. Here are some ways to make living in a small apartment work …

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Plan Storage

One of the ways to make living in a small apartment work is to think carefully about the storage and how to best use it. Are there any awkward little spaces that you can turn into a storage area? Could you use a space for a dual purpose, such as seating with storage underneath? Even a small apartment can have a lot of storage built into it.


Limit Possessions

If you live in a small apartment, you just can't have too many possessions. So if you downsize to a smaller space, be ruthless and get rid of anything you can bear to lose. Too much clutter means that you're wasting the space you have, and you probably don't need most of your belongings anyway. You won't miss them.


Time Away

For the sake of your sanity, spend as much time as possible away from home if you live in a tiny apartment. Flats like this one would quickly become very claustrophobic if you were home all day. Make the most of good weather, cultural activities, meeting friends and the public library to get a break from your small home.


Online Options

These days, you don't need to fill your home with DVDs, CDs and books, which take up a lot of space. Choose online entertainment options instead. Get a Netflix account, download music to your phone or computer and read books on a Kindle. If you prefer reading actual physical books, borrow them from the library or pass them on to a friend or charity when you've finished them.



A good way to make the most of your small space is to use furniture that folds up. For instance, a sofa bed or futon can be closed up when not needed (but do buy a good-quality one if you sleep on it every night). Folding chairs are useful for extra seating when friends come round, but won't take up much space when not needed.



Dedicate more space to the things you most need and use more frequently. Do you spend more time sitting at your desk and rarely use a sofa? You could replace the sofa with an armchair. Or if you have a small lounge but a large bedroom, consider swapping the two rooms around; after all, you won't care how big the room is when you're asleep.


Tidy Routine

Finally, get into a routine of keeping the house tidy. Take garbage and recycling out regularly and don't allow things to spill all over the floor. A small space needs to be kept organised and tidy, or it will quickly descend into a chaotic mess.

Living in a small apartment can save you a lot on rent, and indeed may be the only affordable option. It can be very comfortable and cosy - and your heating bills won't be huge! Would you prefer your home to be a mini palace or a maxi mansion?

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