8 Ways to Love Your Dog ...


8 Ways to Love Your Dog ...
8 Ways to Love Your Dog ...

If you own a furry friend, then here are a few ways to love your dog that you and your pooch will both benefit from! It’s been said that dogs are man's best friend; it’s true, and what better way to express your appreciation to your doggy than by showing him or her a little extra love this week? Read on to learn a few ways to love your dog that will be fun for you too!

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Go on a Walk

Indoor dogs love to get outside and play as much as outdoor dogs, so taking your pup for a walk is one of the best ways to love your dog! Even if you have an outdoor dog, chances are good that he or she will love the change in scenery and the time spent with you. Bonus: you squeeze in a little exercise!


Play with Your Pooch

No matter how busy your schedule gets, try to carve out time to play with your dog, even if it’s just a few minutes a day. Tossing a Frisbee in the backyard or roughing it up a little in the family room will help your dog release some energy, and it will be a good stress reliever for you! Dogs are a great way to de-stress and relax at the end of a long day, since they give love and adoration unconditionally!


Regular Vet Visits

Taking your pet for regular vet visits shows your love in a different kind of way. Your pup may not realize it at the time, especially during the car ride or if there are shots involved, but it’s for the best. Keep your pet up to date on shots and checkups, and decide if you want to neuter or spay when that time comes around.


Special Toys

I don’t keep toys around for my dog all the time because he is a chewer and usually destroys toys within 24 hours! But occasionally I will bring him home a special toy just to let him know I love him! I do give him bones and dental sticks to chew on everyday. Remember this tip if you have a chewer as well.


Treat Your Pup Often

Try to give your pup a treat or two daily. Dogs love to receive yummy treats as much as humans like to indulge in cake and pie! Buying treats in bulk is a good way to save money and keep a large supply on hand.


Spend Time Training

This may sound like an odd way to love your pet, but training your dog is a great way to show love. Not only does it require your attention and the time spent together, but it keeps you from being frustrated when you need your dog to sit and stay, or come to you. Train your dog to listen and obey, and he or she will respect you more!


Grooming Your Pet

Getting your doggy groomed is an easy but wonderful way to express your love. Matted and tangled fur can cause pain and discomfort to your pet! Regular baths can help with shedding and keep ticks and fleas at bay too. And keeping those nails trimmed will make things more comfortable for you if your pet likes to jump on you!


Your Time and Attention

Perhaps the easiest way to show some love to your pet is by giving your time and attention, two free things you have. Talk to your pet, pat and rub him or her, and just express your appreciation to see your pooch when you get home! Dogs can pick up on vibes, so give off good ones!

These ways to love your dog are simple and won’t take much time out of your schedule. When things get busy, family pets often get pushed to the side. If you have a sweet pup, don’t neglect him or her! Be sure you take a little time out of your week to let your dog know that you haven’t forgotten about him. What are some ways that you show love to your own pup?

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