7 Ways to Handle a Friend Who Copies You ...

By Alison

7 Ways to Handle a Friend Who Copies You ...

What are some ways to handle a friend who copies you? It's often said that you should be flattered if a friend dresses like you and copies your tastes. But in fact it can be extremely irritating if they're buying the same clothes as you or taking an interest in everything that you're into. Here are some ways to handle a friend who copies you …

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1 Talk to Them

One of the ways to handle a friend who copies you is to have a talk with them about it. They may not realise that they're irritating you, and are just being unconsciously influenced by you. Tell them nicely that you've noticed they're doing/buying/wearing the same things as you, and that you'd rather they didn't copy you quite as much …

Updated on 5/25/2023

It's natural to feel flattered when someone copies your style, but it can also be quite irritating. It's important to remember that your friend may not be deliberately trying to copy you, and may not even realise that they are doing it.

There are a few different ways to handle a friend who copies you, but the first and most important step is to talk to them about it. Explain to them that you've noticed they are doing the same things as you, and that you would prefer if they didn't copy you quite so much. Make sure to do it in a kind and understanding way, as your friend may not have realised that they were copying you.

In addition to talking to your friend, there are a few other things you can do to handle a friend who copies you. You can try to wear different clothes or style your hair differently to avoid being copied. If you're buying something, ask them if they want to buy something different instead. You can also try to steer conversations away from topics that you think your friend might be copying you on.

2 Understand Why

Try to understand your friend's motivation for copying you. Do they suffer from a lack of self-esteem? Perhaps they admire your style and confidence, and think that copying you will somehow make them like you are inside as well as outside. If you understand why they do it, you may be able to help them - and put an end to their copying.

Updated on 5/30/2023

When it comes to a friend who copies you, it can be a difficult situation to manage. It can leave you feeling frustrated, annoyed, and even hurt. Copying can be a sign of admiration, but it can also be a sign of insecurity. It's important to understand the motivation behind the behavior in order to handle the situation properly.

One way to handle a friend who copies you is to try to understand why they are doing it. Do they lack confidence in their own abilities? Are they trying to be like you in order to fit in with your group of friends? Are they trying to get attention from you? Understanding the motivation behind the behavior can help you find a solution.

Another way to handle a friend who copies you is to set boundaries. Let them know that you don't appreciate the behavior and that it makes you uncomfortable. Explain that you don't want them to copy you, and that you would prefer it if they expressed themselves in their own unique way.

It's also important to remember that everyone is different. Encourage your friend to embrace their individuality and celebrate their own strengths and talents. Remind them that they don't need to copy you in order to be accepted by your group of friends.

Frequently asked questions

Talk to them kindly. Let them know you've noticed they copy you a lot, and ask why they do it. Sometimes a heart-to-heart chat can help them understand it bothers you.

Your friend might copy you because they think you're cool and they like your style. They could be trying to find their own way, so they look to you for inspiration.

Yes, it's normal to feel upset. It's important to feel like you’re your own person. If it bothers you, it's okay to feel that way and to talk about it.

You can say something like, 'I've noticed you wear the same clothes as me a lot. It makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. Can we talk about it?' Be gentle and use 'I' statements to avoid blaming them.

Yes, when someone copies you, it can be because they admire you. They might not realize it makes you uncomfortable. Seeing it as flattery might help you feel a bit better about it.

3 Keep Quiet

If your friend copies what you do as soon as you announce your plans, then it may be smart to keep quiet about what you're going to do. If they don't know about it, they can't copy you! So wherever you can, try to make sure they don't know that you're going to book a trip to Hawaii or decorate your lounge pink ....

4 Encourage Them to Be Different

Perhaps your friend just needs a bit of help to show them how to develop their own style. Encourage them to wear outfits that look good on them or suggest a haircut that would look great on them (and is different from yours). This may work better for some people than asking them outright to stop copying you, so try this if you think they'd be offended by being told they're a copycat.

5 Show Them It's Absurd

Sometimes a short, sharp shock will bring it home to your friend what they're doing. If they'll copy absolutely anything you do, then do or wear something daft, and wait for them to copy you. This might make them realise that they've taken their habit rather too far.

6 Flattery

Although it can get on your nerves when a friend copies you, consider if it is indeed a form of flattery. Perhaps your friend really loves your style so much that she wants to look the same. If you think about it, you may conclude that it doesn't bother you quite as much as you thought it did.

7 Limit Contact

If nothing you try works, and you really can't stop your friend from copying you, your only option might be to limit contact with her. Perhaps you can't avoid her altogether if you hang around in the same places, but the less you see of her, the fewer opportunities she'll have to copy you.

We all want to have our own identity (well, most of us anyway), so a copycat friend can really get on your nerves. Try to nip it in the bud before she turns into Single White Female! What is the most annoying way in which anyone's ever copied you?

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My bff is a copycat and I’m so sick of that and from all my heart I want to finish my friendship with her ,but don’t know how to open up and to get things worse we are relatives . To come to the point that how she is copying me She herself explained somewhere unintentionally that she chose to go to the same school as me even though she didn’t want it just because It was my dream school ,she started drawing because I am into drawing and the most awkward things she has done was when she said my favourite colour is green to my friends and she changes her Facebook cover to green and she also said that she will paint her room green which I swear I was in total shock because before all these happened I swear she didn’t even like green just because I was so stupid that I told her that green is becoming one of my favourite colours and I want to paint my room wall green and to get things worse she doesn’t behave like that she has ever heard anything like this from me . I don’t really know what to do should I end my friendship with her or not ?

Wearing the same outfits I wear. Actually going out and buying a whole new wardrobe to try to match mine! 👀☹️

I permed my hair, she did too. I painted my nails a cool color, she did it too. I choose art and computers as my electives, so did she! I started on my art project with a cool concept, she copied it. I noticed that people liked my jokes and how I talk, she talks like me. Finally, I met someone and we started going out. Now she's trying to get a guy, but it's not working out. Moral of the story: Copiers will be copiers, but they will always be in your shadow.

What if it's your little sister lol! I don't complain or say anything. Although it kinda annoys me when I see her wearing the same skirt as me in the same colour lol I just consider it flattery that she looks up to me :) Perhaps they just stop once they outgrow or grow into their own

I m in my late 70's and my sister early 80's and we have often both bought the same article of clothing all our lives often without knowing the other has! Same make,same colour but different sizes. She is bigger than I am. We have to agree sometimes as to who gets to wear the identical item when we meet up which is not very often. I love it though sometimes it's a weird feeling that we both have exactly same taste..

I'm currently working at a company, and my co worker copies EVERYTHING AND I MEAN EVERYTHING I DO. From the facial expressions I make to the actions I make. This is getting absurd, I may quit my job because of her.

I hate it when people copy your work/homework ideas. Like for example, we had an assignment in our class, and I presented it to my friend and later we were all practicing in front of each other in a small group and she went before me and she ended hers the same way I did. I got really annoyed on the inside, but I didn't say anything.

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