7 Effective Ways to Deal with a Jealous Friend ...


7 Effective Ways to Deal with a Jealous Friend ...
7 Effective Ways to Deal with a Jealous Friend ...

I think we’ve all encountered the green-eyed monster at some point and although it can be difficult to deal with, there are efficient ways to deal with a jealous friend. It’s natural to be envious sometimes but when it starts taking over your friendship, it’s time to take action! Keep reading to get some valuable tips on how to deal with a jealous friend.

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Try to Understand

One of the best ways to deal with a jealous friend is to put yourself in her stilettos. Is she insecure about her appearance? Maybe she’s in a relationship or job that she’s not happy with whereas you touch seems to turn to gold. Maybe she's feeling left out from your other friends. Whatever the case may be, try and see it from her side. You might realize that she’s been going through a tough time and you haven’t exactly been sensitive to her feelings.


Call Her out

Another one of the most effective ways to deal with a jealous friend is to confront her on her behavior. If she throws out some catty comments while you’re shopping, don’t feel guilty and put things back; say you’ve been saving up for a nice handbag or you’ve been working doubles and are treating yourself to a new dress. Don’t change your normal behavior to appease your friend, be confident and don’t apologize for what you do.


Don’t Avoid Her

Even if your friend’s behavior might be driving you nuts, avoiding her isn’t a useful way to handle an envious friend. If you start avoid seeing her or ignoring her calls, it’s just going to make things worse between you too, especially if she's jealous of you being friends with other people. It’s also very possible that she doesn’t realize her behavior is causing a rift between the two of you and the silent treatment definitely isn’t one of the recommended ways to deal with a jealous friend.


Help Her out

If you want another great way to manage your covetous companion, try to help her out. Help her to try and become more comfortable with what she’s so jealous about. Compliment her and point out some good things she has going for her. You might get some resistance from her, but be straight with her. Maybe she has a great hair or she’s a pop culture whiz, tell her so. She might be around people who criticize her a lot and she needs some positive reinforcement every now and then.


Confront Her

This is a different way to deal with a jealous friend than number 2. Confronting her entails a little more of a heart-to-heart talk. Bring up her behavior and see what’s going on with her. She might be dealing with a lot of heavy stuff that you had no idea about. People deal with problems in various ways and her behavior might be her way of dealing with things.


Don’t Change

You might feel like avoiding doing certain things while you’re with your friend is one of the most effective ways to deal with a jealous friend and keep the peace, but it’s not. You don’t have to change yourself and shouldn’t have to conceal your happiness because of her. Don’t rub anything in, but talk about her life equally. If you mention you got a promotion, ask her about her job or her job search and ask if you can help her out in any way.


Remove Yourself

So I just said that avoiding doing certain things with your girlfriend isn’t one of the most effective ways to deal with a jealous friend but, in some instances you might be better off removing yourself from the situation. If you’ve tried to help her and confront her behaviors and nothing is changing; you might need a break from her, temporarily or maybe permanently. If your jealous friend is becoming toxic and you just can’t get through to her, you might be better off without her.

There are many different ways to deal with a jealous friend and though it can be challenging to deal with a super jealous friend, hopefully these tips can help you to deal with her behaviors and get to know what’s going on with her a little more.

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