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7 Ways to Connect with a Long Lost Friend ...

By Heather

It can be easy to lose touch over the years with friends, but there are many ways to connect with a long lost friend to consider before giving up. If someone you used to be friends with means a good bit to you, don’t just eliminate them out of your life forever. Consider these ways to connect with a long lost friend instead. They’re probably hoping to hear from you too!

1 Find out Where They Live

First, before finding ways to connect with a long lost friend, you need to find out where they live if you don’t already. Do a search on Google, Facebook, or other social media outlets. Chances are you’ll find them. If not, ask their friends and family, if you have access to them. Let them know your motives are good for trying to contact your old friend, and they’ll more than likely give you the info.

2 Write a Letter

If you’re unsure how they’ll respond to you, simply write a letter. Sure you could email, but letters by snail mail are some of the most meaningful and will make the most impact. Writer your friend a letter and let them know what’s going on in your life and why you’d like to reconnect with them.

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3 Email

If you can’t find their address, but have their email address, simply send a quick note via email. It can be longer to explain why you’re contacting them, or you can keep it brief. Either way, this can be less intimidating than just showing up at their front door, and can help give them some time to respond in a more natural manner than catching them by surprise.

4 Call Them

If you’re braver and actually have their phone number, just pick up the phone and call them! Tell them you just wanted to say hi and thought it would be nice to catch up. Then, plan a coffee date if you live close, or even just another type of casual get together. If you’re not close, let them know you’d like to see them and then work out travel arrangements if they agree.

5 Text Them

Texting would be my last choice when it comes to contact methods, but if this is the only one you feel comfortable with, give it a try. It’s less personal, but it can help you at least reach out to them. They might even respond right back and tell you they’re glad to hear from you. Besides, there’s no harm if they don’t text back or say no. At least you can say you tried.

6 Visit Them

If your friendship simply dwindled away, and you didn’t end on bad terms, go visit your long lost friend. Try to aim for a time they’re at home and not work, or somewhere that you know you’ll have time to talk. This way, you won’t inconvenience their schedule and you can make the most out of the connection.

7 Facebook

As one last resort, you could of course use one of the biggest social media outlets to reconnect with your friend. Facebook, was in fact created just so college friends could keep in touch with one another. Use Facebook for the reasons it was made for, not just to stalk your ex! Send them a message though, instead of posting on their wall. It’s more personal and more than likely, will go over better with them.

Connecting with old friends is important, especially if you’re trying to repair your relationship with them. If you simply grew apart, remember that your friend might not be the same as they were in the past, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be friends now. Just because you grow up doesn’t mean you have to permanently grow apart. Do you have a tip for connecting with an old long lost friend?

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