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Being bullied can be devastating and have very negative consequences; however, as traumatic as it can be, there are ways to overcome being bullied. Bullying is an aggressive behavior that can be physical, verbal, or relational. It can lead those being bullied to feel frightened, angry, depressed, and hopeless. Bullying can at times be so bad that students will miss school. If you are being bullied or have been bullied, it is important to know that there are ways to overcome being bullied.

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Take Time to Heal

One of the most important things you can do for yourself if you have been bullied is to allow yourself to have time to heal. Talk to friends and family members about your feelings, and allow yourself to feel sad, angry, or hurt without judgment. It is very important to not bury your feelings about being bullied, as it can prolong the healing process and result in unresolved issues. In addition to talking about your feelings, you should also nurture yourself and do things you enjoy as one of the ways to overcome being bullied.


Overcome Helpless Feelings

Often, being bullied can make a person feel helpless. One way to overcome helpless feelings is to reach out to others who have been bullied. You can see if there is a support group in your area for victims of bullying, or you can be active in campaigns to stop bullying. In addition to doing these things, you can also volunteer at an animal shelter or hospital. Often, volunteering at places like these can put some perspective on your problems and also make you feel good because you are helping others.


Returning to School

For students who had to leave school because they were relentlessly bullied, returning to school can be very difficult and even frightening. However, it is important to get back to a normal life as soon as possible, and returning to school is part of that. Some students will transfer schools, and other students will remain in the same school. Regardless of whether they transfer or not, when students return to school it can be overwhelming. To make the process easier, try focusing on the things you like about school, such as your favorite class. Also, find a teacher or school counselor whom you feel comfortable talking to about problems. Finally, be sure to report any bullying as soon as it happens. It is important that you feel safe in school, and taking action by reporting bullying can help you feel safe.


Consider Therapy

If you are having a hard time overcoming the anxiety or depression that can be caused by bullying, you should consider seeing a psychologist. Often, psychologists can help you sort through your feelings in a safe environment where you feel comfortable. They can also give you cognitive behavior techniques that can help you overcome the emotional problems that were caused by bullying. If you are unable to afford a psychologist, ministers and school counselors can also be beneficial.


Seek out Friends

It is very easy to become isolated when you have been bullied. However, even if that is what feels safest, it is important to seek out friends. Socializing is very important, and it can help you overcome the loneliness that is associated with being bullied. You don’t have to have a large group of friends, having just one or two close friends can really help. Also, having friends at school will make you feel safer and less vulnerable.


After School Activities

Participating in activities such as sports, dance, music, and art is an important step in overcoming being bullied. Doing something you enjoy will make you feel good and help you cope with negative feelings that can occur from being bullied. Also, participating in activities you like will help you meet people who have similar interests. This can help you not feel so different, and it can help you make friends.


Seek Family Support

Surrounding yourself with the love and support of your family can help you recover from being bullied. It is important to talk to your family about your feelings so they understand what you are going through. Also, talking will help you start to feel better. If you are having a hard time being around other people, start by participating in family activities. This is one of the most comfortable ways to begin to feel safe around other people again. Just hanging out and watching TV with your family can help you start to feel more normal.

I hope these tips for overcoming bullying have helped. Bullying can have long term consequences, and it is important to take steps to recover from the negative impact of being bullied. Surrounding yourself with supportive people and doing things you enjoy can really help. Have you ever been bullied?

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I've been bullied much of my life. As a consequence, I started self harming at 4th grade. But with family support and therapy, I've overcome all of that. I'm in college now and I never get bullied here. Or if they do, I don't notice anymore because I love myself the way I am. also I will not tolerate such rude behaviors from the angry bullies and when I see other people getting bullied I make sure to intervene. Bullies almost always have internal issues and they want everyone else to feel it. So don't let their sadness affect your goals and self worth. It may hurt at the moment but it is overcome-able.

What you think about yourself is what really matters... Not what some stupid people think


I was basically cyberbullied to the point I wanted to take away my life!!! But it's not even worth it!!!!

I once slapped a guy, who always bullied me, in the face.... He never tried again. LOL

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