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I’m sure you have to deal with a lot of annoying people every single day and that’s why you might want to take a look at these very efficient ways to manage people who bother you. These people can be your colleagues, your family members or even some of your so-called friends that you simply can’t avoid. It’s good to know different tricks that will help you face them in a polite and appropriate manner, even if you feel exactly the opposite. So, here a few very helpful ways to manage people who bother you:

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Change Comes from within

One of the most efficient ways to manage people who bother you is to understand that you cannot change other people. Change comes from within and no matter how hard you try to change others, you will never succeed unless you try to change yourself and the way you look at things. Try to change the way you perceive a certain situation and the way you react to it and everything else will fall into place.


Rather than attempting to control the external, focus on cultivating your inner resilience and understanding. By doing so, your reactions become less about their actions and more about your choices. Empower yourself through self-reflection, and practice techniques like deep breathing or mindfulness when faced with challenging individuals. Remember, by modifying your own responses, you influence the dynamic and often diffuse tension, leading to more harmonious interactions with those around you.


Set Some Clear Boundaries

The next thing you should do is to set some clear boundaries, so you know what behaviors you can tolerate and what you will not accept form other people. By doing this, you will get to know yourself better and you will not allow people to step all over you, especially since most people tend to not be so conscious about other people’s personal boundaries. Just protect your personal space by drawing some clear boundaries, even if you just do this mentally.


Realize That Annoying People Are Inevitable

The sooner you realize that annoying people are inevitable, the easier it will be to deal with them in a more polite and appropriate manner. You can’t always walk away from any situation, especially if one of those people who bother you is one of your co-workers or even one of your family members. I’m not saying you should be passive and tolerate all their bad behaviors; just learn how to be assertive, so you’ll be able to protect your happiness and your well-being.


Seek out the Positive

Try to always seek out the positive in those people who always manage to annoy you. There must be something they do right, so try not to look only at their flaws, focus on their qualities as well. Search for what you like in that person, acknowledge their talents and I’m sure it will be easier for you to tolerate all their bad behaviors or others aspects of their personality you don’t like or don’t agree with.


Be Firm

Learn how to be firm when the situation requires it. Be upfront about where you stand because people can’t read minds. If that person doesn’t respect your boundaries, then you could give them a gentle reminder at first and if they still don’t get the hint, then simply draw the line. If you don’t fulfill your own needs, than you couldn’t possibly help anyone else with theirs.


Ignore Them

I know this may seem pretty difficult at first because you think that it will require a lot of efforts on your behalf, but once you get used to it, this behavior will come naturally. This way, you help that annoying person as well, because maybe they will notice that their behavior is bothering you and they will do some self-reflecting. Ignoring them can be the most effective way to deal with someone who is constantly bothering you because usually, if you respond, you will give them more reasons to continue their bad behavior.


Observe How Other People Handle Them

If you tried everything and you still don’t know how to deal with obnoxious people you have to face every day, then maybe you could take a look at how other people handle them. This could give you some insight into how to manage that situation. I’m sure that there are a lot of tricks you haven’t tried yet, so there’s plenty you could learn just by paying attention to other people’s behavior.

It’s not that easy to deal with negative or difficult people on a daily basis but sometimes, there’s nothing you can do to avoid it. It’s best to learn how to handle that situation in an appropriate manner. Do you have to deal regularly with annoying people? What do you do? Do you know any other efficient ways to manage people who bother you? Please share your suggestions with us in the comments section!


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Ignoring is terrible advice and bullying. That person may not even know theyre doing anything wrong

@tinamarie generally if it is someone who is calls or tx more when you ignore they might keep trying at first but will eventually get the hint and stop, and think what is more rude: ignoring a problem person or possibly blowing up at them

Angel I agree. When I ignore someone they call or tx even more. To ignore is also kinda rude!! J/S

@elana I do believe you are correct

i would say ignoring is the best remedy.. i have this bullying at work all the time with almost all teams i have worked with, there is always somebody that likes to bother with bullying for not specific reason or given reason and yes ignoring is the best you can do.

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