7 Ways to Appear Older if Youre Always Mistaken for a Teen ...

By Jordin

7 Ways to Appear Older if Youre Always Mistaken for a Teen ...

Knowing a few ways to appear older can really help you out if you’re a young adult who is always mistaken for a teen. Youth is fleeting, so of course we should enjoy it while it lasts, but there are certain times and settings when it’s annoying to be mistaken for a 16 year old instead of your true age of 23. Keep on reading if you’re in this rut and need to bust out with a few ways to appear older!

Table of contents:

  1. clothes say it all
  2. change your hairstyle
  3. behave in a mature manner
  4. switch out your shoes
  5. wear tasteful makeup
  6. display good manners
  7. develop good posture

1 Clothes Say It All

One of the best ways to appear older is by taking your wardrobe into consideration. Do you mostly wear jeans and t-shirts? Nothing wrong with this kind of apparel, but it can help you come across as much younger. Trade in these items for more mature pieces; go for timeless and classy, not trendy. It helps to take an older friend along whose style you admire and get her to help you pick out age-appropriate clothing.

2 Change Your Hairstyle

Have you had the same cut since high school? It’s time for a change! Again, go for something classy, not trendy. Trends fade out quickly, and the majority of people rocking trends are-you guessed it-teenagers! For color, stick with something a bit more conservative and mature, as opposed to, say, black hair with chunky blonde highlights. This type of style is more reserved for expressive young teens, not adult women who want to be taken seriously and especially in the business world!

3 Behave in a Mature Manner

You can dress as mature as you please, but if you are a constant hyper, strung-out and loud mess, then people will probably still perceive you as a kid. Try to refrain from childish behavior and carry yourself as an adult. Often, it’s actions or attitudes that give the impression of a teen rather than your clothes or hairstyle!

4 Switch out Your Shoes

Do you typically reach for flip-flops or sneakers? While there is nothing wrong with these shoes on a regular day, you should be aware that they don’t do much to help you appear older. A more mature shoe, such as a cute pair of flats or boots, even a wedge or a heel if you’re up to it, can help you appear more your age and a little more fashion-forward as well!

5 Wear Tasteful Makeup

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that just because people often mistake you for a 17 year old that you should wear more makeup! In fact, piling on the makeup can have just the opposite effect that you are looking for. Reach for natural and neutral colors, and choose one feature to play up. Avoid glitter and too much sparkle; instead wear matte shadows and blushes, and shiny lipsticks.

6 Display Good Manners

Having good manners is a great way to appear more mature. Be considerate of other people, and try not to talk too much or too loudly all the time. Using swear words is not a way to appear older in spite of what society would have us to think. If you want to shake up your vocabulary a bit, try learning some new and “bigger” words, then using them in the appropriate form. Also, speak clearly, enunciate your words properly, and avoid slang talk.

7 Develop Good Posture

My final tip for ways to appear older if you’re always mistaken for a teen is to develop good posture. A good form indicates confidence, and can help you to appear taller and more graceful. Most teens will slump over out of habit, and this habit follows us all into adulthood. Practice good posture to appear more dignified!

These simple tricks can go a long way into helping you appear to be your true age. Whether you are in a work environment all week or attending school, even if you’re a stay-at-home-mom, put these tips to work and watch how people start to observe you as a bit older than you are, or at least stop mistaking you for a teen! Have you been mistaken for a teen more than once?

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