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7 Ways You Can Be More Feminine and the Magic of following This Advice ...

By Alicia

There are ways you can be more feminine and there are many benefits of taking this advice to heart. This advice is absolutely magical and I would love to tell you why. Men are attracted to a woman with very feminine traits. It is that special something about you that draws men to you and keeps them very, very interested. Let me tell you some of the best ways you can be more feminine to keep the fellas charmed.

1 Speak Softly

Speak Softly One of the best ways you can be more feminine is to speak softly. Being feminine is all about being the opposite of masculine. Some men love girls who are very girly and this is one way you can do that. Speaking softly is a huge contrast to his strong voice and he will love hearing it. It takes time to practice doing this all the time but eventually it will become routine.

2 Choose to Wear Your Hair Long

Choose to Wear Your Hair Long Men love long hair - period. If you are in doubt, do a little poll of your own and ask the men you know if they prefer a woman with long hair or short hair. I think you will be surprised to learn that almost all men love long hair. And we women tend to think we can only do long hair until a certain age, but that is simply not true. As you age, you can go a little shorter, but long hair is not out of the question for you at any age and it will easily draw men to you.

3 Wear Skirts and Dresses

Wear Skirts and Dresses Nothing reminds a man that you are a girl like seeing you in a skirt or dress. This is something uniquely feminine and most men love to see women in a dress. You don’t want to get rid of your jeans, but when you are at a loss for what to wear, try a dress. Form your own observations on this one. Choose to wear a skirt or dress on your next date and watch to see what his reaction is.

4 Wear Heels

Wear Heels Heels are a great way to show off your femininity. This is another very uniquely feminine item in your wardrobe. Heels not only are very feminine but rather enchanting as well. They make your legs look lovely and give you a wonderful slant to your normal walk. Wear heels for a few days and take notice of the attention that you are really gathering.

5 Embrace Your Inner Girl

Embrace Your Inner Girl The best way to be feminine is to just be yourself. You know exactly how to do this if you listen to your inner thoughts. Enjoy being a girl. Enjoy wearing makeup and lovely jewelry and wearing many different hairstyles. When you enjoy being feminine, it will shine through in a very obvious way.

6 Let Him Take Care of You

Let Him Take Care of You Men enjoy taking care of the woman in their life. Of course, we all know that we have the ability to take care of ourselves, but men enjoy doing it and we enjoy it, too. Allow him to open doors for you and pick up the check when you go out on a date. If you are already married, be sure to call him when you are in need of help. Let him be your hero and he will love you forever.

7 Wear Lotion

Wear Lotion This sounds so simple and like it really doesn’t have a lot to do with being feminine at all but it does. Wearing lotion will make your skin very soft which is a very feminine trait. Everyone that touches your hand or your arm is certain to notice. Soft skin is something men notice very quickly when they are in a relationship with a woman and they appreciate it. It is so much the better if the lotion is scented.

Playing up your femininity is a way to make some magic happen in your life and especially in your relationships. This is a subject I have just recently started studying and learning about so I would love to hear how you play up your femininity. Would you share your secrets and ways you can be more feminine with me?

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