7 Ways to Be More Photogenic in Snapshots ...


Wouldn’t we all love to know ways to be more photogenic? I know that I want to know everything I can on the subject. And let’s be honest. Some people are simply more photogenic than others. But there are ways to be more photogenic that we can learn.

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Use Your Real Smile

Use Your Real Smile One of the best ways to be more photogenic is to use your real smile! Throw away that fake, plastic one you have been pulling out for years. Give this a try. Stand in front of a mirror and try on your fake smile. Then think of something that makes you happy and see how much prettier your real smile is.


Wear Solids

Wear Solids Solids are always, always better than prints in pictures. They pull the focus to you and off of the busy print of your clothing. You don’t always know when you will be in snapshots but sometimes you do. Think about holidays and get-togethers. Those are times that snapshots are usually taken so plan to wear solids for them.



Relax Relax. Many people tend to clam up when they see a camera come out. Most likely the person with the camera is going to take pictures anyway so there is no reason to get all angsty about it. Your pictures will be so much better if you just relax and let it be. You never know; you may end up liking the picture if you embrace having it taken rather than fighting it.


Check Your Hair and Makeup

Check Your Hair and Makeup Of course you want to check your hair and makeup before a picture is taken. Sometimes you don’t have time for this, but many times you can slip away and do a quick check before the cameras go on. Most women will understand this and will want to do the same thing. If nothing else, slip your compact out for a quick touch up. This helps you to feel more confident for your pictures, too.


Have Fun

Have Fun Have fun when someone is taking pictures! It is okay to do that! Smile and be a bit of a ham for once. Those pictures are going to be taken anyway, so why not enjoy it? Make a silly face for a couple of them; it will make some good memories someday.



Retake You know, if you want a picture taken and it doesn’t turn out the way you like the first time, have it retaken again. Thank goodness for the age of digital cameras when you can do this. Take your time and be patient while pictures are being taken. You are bound to get a good shot sooner or later if you keep trying. Delete the ones you don’t like and keep the perfect one.


Don’t Be so Critical

Don’t Be so Critical You know, we are our own worst critic. We see a picture of ourselves and immediately zero in on what we don’t like. Others can look at the same picture and see a lovely image. Take their opinion over your own. You are going to see flaws in yourself that no one else even notices.

While we can’t make ourselves be completely photogenic, there are things we can do to help the process along. What are your tips for being photogenic? I would love to know!

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