7 Fabulous Ways to Instantly Feel Sexier and Better ...

By Alison

Are you in desperate need of some ways to instantly feel sexier? Maybe you're a busy mom and feel that your femininity has become submerged in your role as a carer. Or perhaps you're hitting a significant birthday and need a boost. Whatever the reason, anyone can feel sexy by taking simple steps. Try these ways to instantly feel sexier …

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A Great Cut

A Great Cut One of the best ways to instantly feel sexier is to get a fantastic haircut. Looking in the mirror at the salon and loving what you see is a huge boost. Sometimes we need to shake up our image and go for a change. So if you've been feeling dull and drab, try a new look. The compliments will make you feel good, and if you feel good you'll look even better.


Cover up

Cover up This may sound like a paradox, but covering up can actually make you feel sexier. It's the idea of hinting at something rather than showing it explicitly. Try wearing a pencil skirt instead of a mini, and you'll see what I mean. Fitted clothes are so much more flattering than revealing ones, so cover up the cleavage and put away the pins.


Fabulous Lingerie

Fabulous Lingerie Take the trouble to wear some pretty matching lingerie and you'll feel so much sexier. So what if you're the only one to see it? Gorgeous lingerie doesn't have to be for the benefit of your boyfriend. Just knowing that you look good from the inside out will boost your confidence. So ditch the worn and fraying bras, and treat yourself to some new sets.



Confidence Is your self-confidence sagging? Then fake it. A confident woman is incredibly sexy. You don't have to be the most attractive person in the world; a confident, sexy woman knows that she isn't a beauty queen and doesn't care. She has a lot more to offer than just looks. People are drawn to confident individuals; some of the most charismatic people are far from conventionally attractive.



Smile Even a simple smile can make you feel and look better. It doesn't have to be a teeth-baring beam (people are more likely to think you crazy rather than sexy if you walk around with a massive grin on your face). Smiling gives you a friendly and appealing air, and makes people feel liked. You'll seem engaging and attractive.

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Happiness depends upon ourselves.


Sassy Shoes

Sassy Shoes Flat shoes are practical. But put on a pair of heels and instantly you look and feel sexier. They don't need to be skyscraper heels; there's nothing sexy about wobbling around in shoes you can't balance in! Pick shoes that you can walk comfortably in; 2-3 inch heels are fine.


Confident Walk

Confident Walk Finally, pay attention to the way you walk. Do you shuffle along as if you hate to be noticed or as if you're not quite sure where you are? A sexy woman doesn't mind if she is noticed. Take longer strides and walk as though you know where you are going (both literally and metaphorically). Walk as if the sidewalk belongs to you and there's a red carpet unrolling in front of you.

Remember that feeling sexy isn't just about attracting a partner. It can just be for yourself. The aim is to enjoy feeling good about yourself - if it appeals to someone else, that's a bonus. Above all, be confident in yourself. As the slogan says, "You're worth it!" What do you do if you want to give your sex appeal a boost?

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I usually take a bath and do my makeup! This makes me feel much more confident

I agree too!!

i agree too!!

And do a mini spa at your free time helps .

I agree

I agree

I agree treat yourself once in awhile.