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9 Watercolor Artists on Instagram That Will Inspire You to Paint Again ...

By Avantika

I’m a huge fan of all things creative, especially art. And I cannot resist a good watercolor painting, be it a landscape or even a tiny cupcake. Enter Instagram – my favorite place to discover new artists and their amazing talent. And if you’re an art lover like me, I have 9 watercolor artists that you should definitely follow on Instagram. You won’t be disappointed.

Table of contents:

  1. Anne-laure jacquart
  2. Lllouis
  3. Katerina pytina
  4. Meera lee
  5. Roshni merchant
  6. Aksinja la paloma
  7. Awaisha miller
  8. Elizaveta surovaya
  9. Elena efremova

1 Anne-Laure Jacquart

Anne-Laure is one of my absolute favorite artists on Instagram. Her style of painting with watercolors is so fluid and beautiful. You’ll find she paints everything from the vegetables on her dinner plate to a gorgeous church in her little French hometown. It’s a treat seeing her work. You can follow her on Instagram at @annelaurewatercolor.

2 Lllouis

I absolutely love lllouis’ work. Most of the paintings are watercolors of buildings and monuments and they’re absolutely gorgeous! Such vibrant colors that you can’t help but look at each painting and enjoy all the little details. You can follow him on Instagram at @lllouis.

3 Katerina Pytina

A watercolor artist from Russia, Katerina does some absolutely gorgeous paintings, mainly of flowers, fruits and the odd vegetable. But oh, such paintings they are! And she posts a lot of her paintings in progress, which I always find interesting to see. You can follow her on Instagram at @kataucha.

4 Meera Lee

Meera has her own distinctive style of watercolor painting and I think it stands out in every painting she does. I find her work to have a certain charm and delicacy. And she has her own Etsy shop so yay! You can follow her on Instagram at @merelymeeralee.

5 Roshni Merchant

No one makes watercolors look more vibrant and eye catching than Roshni. With a unique style that you can’t but love, Roshni does a lot of portraits and abstracts. Another of my favorite artists! You can follow her on Instagram at @roshnimerchant.

6 Aksinja La Paloma

It takes a special talent to be able to paint people and everyday objects and make them appear so much more than what they are. And she does exactly that. Like all artists, she has a very distinctive style and it’s a pleasure seeing her work on my Insta feed. You can follow her on Instagram at @lapaloma.

7 Awaisha Miller

With more than 23K followers, Awaisha is a popular artist on Instagram and with one look at her work, it is evident why. Her paintings are in the more classic style of watercoloring and they are quite beautiful and soothing. You can follow her on Instagram at @awaisha_art.

8 Elizaveta Surovaya

I stumbled upon this artist quite by accident and think she totally deserves more followers! From food to landscapes to portraits and people, her art is quite enchanting. Quite a delight really. You can follow her on Instagram at @elizaveta_surovaya.

9 Elena Efremova

Elena primarily does landscapes and I for one cannot stop staring at every painting she posts. She also shows you the inspiration for her paintings and that just makes it even more amazing because you can really see how true she is to what she is painting. Totally awesome! You can follow her on Instagram at @where_summer_is.

I’m pretty sure there are more watercolor artists on Instagram just waiting to be discovered, but these 9 are the ones I thought deserved to be followed right now. Each of them has a unique style that leads to some absolutely gorgeous artwork. Are there any watercolor artists you follow on Instagram that you’d like to tell us all about? I’d love to follow them too!

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