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20 Mesmerizing Pictures of the Merman Trend ...

By Sheila

I'm sure you've all seen pictures of men sporting the most vibrant, gorgeous, colors both on their heads and their faces. This #Merman trend isn't for the faint of heart but it sure is fun!

1 Blue, Green, and Purple

Blue, Green, and Purple

2 Glorious Beard

Glorious Beard

3 Colorful Braid

Colorful Braid

4 Just the Beard

Just the Beard

5 Blue at the Bottom

Blue at the Bottom

6 Love the Curls

Love the Curls

7 Rocking That Blue

Rocking That Blue

8 Ombre Effect

Ombre Effect

9 Multicolored


10 Those Eyebrows!

Those Eyebrows!

11 Pink Isn't Just for Girls Anymore

Pink Isn't Just for Girls Anymore

12 Oh-so-intense


13 One with Nature

One with Nature

14 Pastel Green

Pastel Green

15 Gorgeous!


16 Those Eyes!

Those Eyes!

17 Darker Shade of Blue

Darker Shade of Blue

18 Striking!


19 Green with Envy

Green with Envy

20 Nico Tortorella

Nico Tortorella So, do you love it or hate it?

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