7 Valuable Qualities and Skills Every Employer Wants ...


When searching for the start of a new career, it’s especially important to consider the valuable qualities and skills every employer wants that could make you indispensable to a company. And believe it or not, no matter which career path you follow, there are certain professional traits and talents that seemingly every employer seeks in a candidate. So the next time you’re writing a cover letter or updating your resume, ask yourself if you have these skills every employer wants that could make you just the employee they’re looking for.

1. Leadership

When considering your own professional stock and the valuable qualities that make you hirable, it’s important to include any leadership experience you’ve gained in the working world. Being a leader, a supervisor, a manager, club president or authoritative figure means you’ve learned the tasks and responsibilities enough to represent a business or professional affiliation and instill those same ideals in others. While drafting your resume or speaking of your leadership experience in an interview setting, be sure to list what you’ve learned in your role and how you’ve worked with others in a team environment. When discussing the talents and skills every employer wants on their payroll, it’s important to sound like a leader who encourages others’ success and productivity in a group atmosphere without sounding like a dictator on a power-trip.

Customer Service Experience
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