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There are more than plenty of tips for getting your dream job, unfortunately, not everyone gets what she wants. While it’s not always easy, nor cut and dry getting that job you really, really want, I hope I can help! I’ve compiled a few tips for getting your dream job for those girls out there looking to make the next step on their career ladder.

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Calm, Cool and Collected

Remain calm. It’s one of the most important tips for getting your dream job. Don’t make yourself too nervous, because you’ll come off as flustered and no one wants an employee who is easily flustered! It’s also important not to come on too strong, as that’s another quality employers don’t look for. Remain relaxed and the likelihood of getting called for a second interview or getting the job will increase immensely. It’s simple, but it’s one of the most important tips for getting your dream job!


Know Exactly What You Want

Going into any new job, you should have an idea what you want to accomplish there and where you see yourself going in the future, whether it’s at that job or in the jobs you’d like to have in the future. This is even more important when it comes to your dream job. You obviously can’t apply for your dream job without any credentials or experience. You need a plan to get to your dream job. Having a plan and knowing how you want to accomplish it is critical when it comes to getting your dream job.


Awesome Résumé

Let’s get something clear, when I say you should have an awesome résumé, I don’t mean you should lie. Don’t embellish your résumé. It might be a little awkward when you’re asked to work with Photoshop because you told them you were trained very well in it; meanwhile you don’t even have Photoshop installed on your computer. That being said, a good résumé is key to getting your dream job. A boring and dull résumé with only your work experience will not entice an employer. The truth that informs your potential employer about your past work experience as well as the skills you would bring to the job is the key to a good résumé, and in turn your dream job.


Follow up

If you contact a potential employer, or have recently had an interview with a potential employer, don’t be scared to follow up. It shows that you really want the job, are a go-getter, and took the interview very seriously. It’s important to show that you’re passionate about the job; it is your dream job after all!



I was once given advice that I still think about almost daily and believe is pertinent to obtaining your dream job. You need three mentors. One mentor should be at about the same career level as you are, or is a little bit more advanced in their career than you. They can provide support and advice, as they have just had the experiences you’re currently having. Next, you need a mentor who has your dream job right now and can offer support and advice on getting there, because they did it! Lastly, you need a mentor who can inspire and support you, no matter if they are in the same career as you or not. Having a mentor is essential to getting your dream job, as they can provide support and advice, as well as wisdom!



Don’t be afraid of "branding" yourself. These days, it’s almost essential when trying to get your dream job. Our lives are all over the Internet. Make sure what you’re putting on the Internet is an accurate and appropriate depiction of yourself. That in and of itself is "branding yourself," and most people don’t realize it. Making a name for yourself, whether with others in public, or on the Internet, which is even more public, although sometimes it doesn’t feel like it, is an essential aspect of getting your dream job.



Get to know people in your field. It doesn’t have to be solely business-related. The people you meet in your field may help you get your dream job, but you’ll also make friends with similar interests as you. And if the friends you make do help you get your dream job, you’ll have your friends as coworkers! While it doesn’t have to be so staunch and business-like, networking and getting to know people in your field is very important for obtaining your dream job.

Do you have your dream job? If so, congratulations! What are your tips for getting your dream job? I’ll be reading the comments to see how you got your dream job!

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This was perfect as I am getting ready to tweak my resume

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