9 Types of Friendships to Value and Cherish ...

Friendship is one of the most important parts of life and there are many types of friendships that we all have. I personally find friends to be family that you chose and don’t for a second believe that blood is thicker than water. I have never been one to have just one circle of friends, and I value the different types of friendships I have.

1. Old Friends

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Topping the list of types of friendships to cherish are old friends. I’m lucky enough to have had friends who I’ve known since before my first birthday, other collected throughout primary and secondary school. Now at 24, I love the fact that the people I grew up with are still my main circle of friends and I cherish them like family. Who knows you better that someone you’ve shared your life, your mistakes, your laughs, your tears with? Who can light up your day better than someone who's seen you become the person you are today?

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