7 Ways to Mend a Broken Friendship ...

By Sabrina

7 Ways to Mend a Broken Friendship ...

If you just got in a huge fight with your BFF, don’t worry your pretty little head because there are countless ways to mend a broken friendship. As in many of life’s difficult situations, you just need to remind yourself that this isn’t the end of the world, and that you can sensibly and successfully fix your problem. But it’s difficult to think of ways to mend a broken friendship when you’re used to brainstorming exclusively with your best pal! That’s why I’d love to share with you a few ways to get things back to normal with your friend.

Table of contents:

  1. apologize
  2. ask for their forgiveness
  3. express that you miss your friend
  4. don’t ignore them
  5. give them time to heal
  6. remind them of happy memories
  7. buy an “i’m sorry” gift

1 Apologize

By not apologizing, you’ll be skipping one of the easiest ways to mend a broken friendship. If you don’t apologize to your friend, they’ll assume you’re being bitter or stubborn. You can prove that you're the bigger person by saying that you’re sorry. This simple word acts as the first stepping stone toward the world of friendship you’ve been missing!

2 Ask for Their Forgiveness

Unfortunately, apologizing won’t always be enough to mend a broken friendship. After apologizing, you should ask for your friend’s forgiveness also. Apologizing is just the first step in mending a broken friendship, and “sorry” is only one word that can often come out as half-hearted. But by earnestly seeking forgiveness from your friend, you’ll show humility and prove how much you truly love them.

3 Express That You Miss Your Friend

If you want to fix a failing friendship, it’s because you miss your friend. But your friend may not know that you miss them as much as they probably miss you. That’s why it’s important to verbally express that you miss your friend. If you run into your friend, you should tell them how much you miss spending time together and doing everything as a powerful duo. Hopefully they’ll feel the same way and whatever broke up your friendship can be easily forgotten!

4 Don’t Ignore Them

If your friend is texting and calling you, trying to get back in touch, don’t be too bitter to answer the phone. Even if you’re still hurting from your friendship breakup, don’t give your friend the cold shoulder, because odds are you will regret it. The day will come when you’ll want to rekindle your friendship, but your friend may be too hurt from the time you ignored them and it'll be too late! No one likes to be ignored, especially by someone they were once close to. So give your ex-friend the time of day and hear whatever it is they have to say.

5 Give Them Time to Heal

On the other hand, if you are the friend who’s calling non-stop, and coming by their home every day trying to make up, it’s a good idea to give your friend some space. As they say, time heals all wounds, so the time will come when your friend is ready to talk to you again. But don’t push him or her so much that they are reluctant to ever speak to you again. Give them a few days to cool off before sending a casual text asking if there is still any bad blood between you two.

6 Remind Them of Happy Memories

Bringing up happy memories can remind your friend of how great you are together! Fond memories of your shared adventures will make them realize that you two are better together than apart. After realizing this, how could they not let you back into their life?

7 Buy an “I’m Sorry” Gift

While it’s true that money doesn’t buy happiness, buying a gift that shows you’re sorry never hurts a broken friendship. Buying a former friend a gift shows that you’re still thinking about them and holding them close to your heart. Try to make the gift something personal that will remind them of how truly fabulous your friendship was!

A friendship breakup is rough, but you don’t have to be apart forever. It’s easy to mend a broken friendship after you have both had plenty of time to heal, forgive, and forget. How will you mend your broken friendships?

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