9 Signs Your Friend is Actually Your Best Friend ...

By Holly

9 Signs Your Friend is Actually Your Best Friend ...

Best friends are entirely different than regular friends. Don't believe it? BuzzFeed has created the list of all of the differences. When you're around your real BFF, all these things should be true:

1 You Enter Their House without Knocking

They expect you to be over constantly, anyway.

2 You No Longer Need a Reason to Text Each Other

You can just randomly send her a poop emoji and she won't be weirded out.

3 You Grab Food at Each Other’s Places without Asking

Her fridge is your fridge

4 You’re down to Hang out with Their Parents without Them

You might even call them "mom" and "dad."

5 You Can Have an Entire Conversation Made of inside Jokes

No one else will understand the convo, but you two will be having a blast.

6 You Can Also Have an Entire Conversation in Just Facial Expressions

She always knows what's on your mind, so why should you speak?

7 Nice, Posed Photos of the Two of You Are Now Pretty Rare

If you're taking a photo together, you're going to make some crazy faces.

8 You’ve Held onto onto Their Grudges Longer than They Have

If someone backstabs your BFF, they better watch out.

9 You Don't Let Her Selfies Go Unlikes

This is a fate worse than death.

Do you do all of these things with your BFF?

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