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7 Tips on Staying Awake during Class That Will Work ...

By Kelly

If you find yourself always falling asleep in school, you might be in need of these tips on staying awake during class. Being a college student and getting minimal amounts of sleep, I use these tips pretty often to help me stay alert during class. Trust me, next time you start to doze off, try these tips on staying awake during class and you will be ready to stay up during your entire school day.

1 Drink Water

Of the many tips on staying awake during class, this might be the easiest. If you find yourself dozing off during class, be prepared with a nice cold bottle of water. Tiny sips of the cold water will wake you up and help you feel more refreshed. And eventually, if you drink enough, you will probably have to go to the bathroom and that is a surefire way to keep yourself awake.

2 Eat an Apple

Not only are apples a great source of energy, they are healthy, and even the act of eating will help keep your mind off of how tired you are. It is better to move around a bit when you are feeling tired in class, and eating an apple is a discrete way to get a boost of energy.

3 Ask to Go to the Bathroom

If you are feeling sleepy, sitting in a chair for an hour and a half will only make you fall asleep. Ask your teacher if you can use the bathroom and excuse yourself from class. It will give you a break from note taking and will let you walk around for a bit. It will give you a break from that sleepy sitting position and help you stay awake for longer.

4 Take Notes

If you are daydreaming, eventually that will turn into real dreaming when you fall asleep. It might be hard when you are so tired, but taking notes during class can help keep you awake. It will keep you focused on the class material and less focused on how tired you are.

5 Sit in the Front

Similar to taking notes, sitting in the front of the classroom is one of the helpful tips on staying awake during class. It will keep you focused on the teacher and less on sleeping. Plus you will probably be too scared of getting yelled at by your teacher to fall asleep right in front of them.

6 Skip the Sugar

A big breakfast of sugar sweet foods might sound enticing, but you will be regretting it as you head bob your way through class. Eating sugar heavy food before class will just lend itself to a sugar crash later in the day, and school is the last place you want that crash. Eat a well-balanced and healthy breakfast to maintain energy all day with no crash during class.

7 Snap a Hair Tie

Okay, this is a weird method but I swear it works for me. Seeing as I always have a hair tie on my wrist, anytime I feel myself falling asleep, I just snap the hair tie against my wrist to keep me awake. It doesn’t really hurt but it is enough to keep you alert. Next time you feel like snoozing, just try it to see if it works for you.

We have all had those days where we are on the verge of snoring our way through a lecture. By following these tips on staying awake during class, you will find that it is not that hard to overcome your sleepiness and stay alert. What did you think of these tips on staying awake during class? Do you have any other tips on staying awake?


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