7 Time Management Tips to Get You to Work on Time in the Morning ...

By Alicia

7 Time Management Tips to Get You to Work on Time in the Morning ...

Following good time management tips are the key to getting to work on time in the mornings. You cannot possibly expect to get to work on time if you don’t have a plan in mind. These time management tips help you to form a solid plan to arrive to work on time. Being late makes your whole day seem off and these tips will help you avoid that.

Table of contents:

  1. go to bed on time
  2. choose your clothing the night before
  3. prepare what you can
  4. get woke up
  5. set a second alarm on the other end of your room
  6. choose quick fix breakfast options
  7. build in some flex time

1 Go to Bed on Time

One of the most important time management tips to get you to work on time is to go to bed at a decent hour the night before. You cannot possibly expect yourself to get up on time if you don’t get enough sleep. Aim to get 7-8 hours of sleep per night. If you are like me, you probably need to turn in about an hour before you want to go to sleep to rest and get yourself relaxed enough to sleep. Do something light like reading or working in a puzzle book before you turn the lights out.

2 Choose Your Clothing the Night before

Oh, this one is so important. If you are not choosing your clothing the night before, you are making your mornings so much harder than they need to be. You save yourself time in deciding what to wear and ironing if you take care of those things the night before. I have been following this tip since way back when I was in high school and even have my children doing this now. It makes mornings so much easier!

3 Prepare What You Can

Choosing your clothing the night before isn’t the only thing you can do in preparation for the next morning. You can also choose hair accessories and jewelry. Lay out your vitamins and even the dishes you will need to prepare breakfast. Although these are little things, they can really make a big difference in your morning. It might even allow you to get a few more minutes of sleep, which I personally love to have.

4 Get Woke up

For me, I have to have time to wake up in the morning. I cannot just jump up and get going as soon as the alarm goes off. Because of this, I have to allow myself an extra 15 minutes to get my eyes open. I usually use that time to check my email and have a bowl of cereal before I start getting ready. Some people have a cup of coffee. Whatever your wake up routine is, build time into your schedule for it.

5 Set a Second Alarm on the Other End of Your Room

I am such a dead head in the mornings. One simple little alarm clock on my nightstand is not enough to get me up and motivated. I actually set the timer on my stove to get me up. Getting up and walking to the other end of the house works for me in getting me up on time. I have heard of some people that set the alarm on their cell phone for a second alarm clock and place it several feet away from their bed so they have to get up for it.

6 Choose Quick Fix Breakfast Options

Cooking breakfast in the mornings takes up valuable time that you probably need if you are dealing with the problem of trying to be on time for work. I usually do cereal, instant oats or toast. If you feel you simply must have something more substantial, consider doing a batch cooking on Sundays to get you through the week. Breakfast burritos, muffins and other breakfast options can even be frozen and reheated to be eaten on the way to work. Creativity is very helpful in finding a solution that works for you here.

7 Build in Some Flex Time

Don’t make it your goal to get out the door right when you are ready. Try to build in 10-15 minutes flex time for those little emergencies that crop up. It might be that you spill something on yourself, forget something and have to go back in the house or other situations. Whatever it is, it is much better to have that extra time than to be more rushed than ever. This also helps you to keep from driving fast.

Are you always struggling to be on time for work, getting to your desk/station seconds before you're due to start? What saboutages your morning routine?

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