7 Wonderful Tips for Taking Great Pet Photographs ...

Ever wondered how some people take such an amazing pet photograph? While it’s true that most people will end up with far more bad photos than good, that’s no consolation when it comes to capturing your best friend in the perfect image. So if you are determined that you want to take a great pet photograph, and you’ve got the time to give it a good shot, here’s some tips from the best photography school I’ve ever been to.

1. Think about Your Pet…

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The key to a good pet photograph is to take a natural picture, so first you need to consider your pet. If you’ve got a sleepy, lazy dog, for example, a photoshoot close to his bed will get photographs everyone will love. If your pet is far more active and always bounding after something, the photoshoot might go better held in the park, or in the garden with a ball. My reptiles love curtains and beds, so I usually photograph them in those places.

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