11 Things a Girl Should Carry with Her at All Times ...


Itโ€™s tempting to want to bring your whole house with you anywhere you go, but there are certainly key things a girl should carry with her at all times! I have personally found that these key things have saved me on multiple occasionsโ€ฆlast minute sleepovers, wanting to freshen up after work, visiting my parents and then last minute deciding to spend the nightโ€ฆyou get my drift, right? Here is a list I compiled of the most essential things a girl should carry.

1. Emergency Makeup Kit

One of the most important things a girl should carry with her is an emergency makeup kit. When putting together your kit, only think about the key essential makeup items that you will need to complete a simple and yet beautiful look! I would deem a liquid liner, mascara, concealer stick, and tiny blush palette as the most essential pieces. Iโ€™d also add โ€˜hair tieโ€™ as an essential that I personally include in my makeup kit, too.

Mini Toothbrush
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