7 Things You Can Get Away with as the Only Girl ...

Growing up, I was the only girl and the middle child, but I never realized back then that there were things you can get away with as the only girl. I adored my brothers tremendously and was well protected by my older brother, who beats me by eight years. At the same time, I did have responsibilities as an older sibling to my baby brother, who is three years younger. However, it didn't take away from the fact that I benefited from special treatment here and there. If this sounds familiar to you, then you may relate to many of the things you can get away with as the only girl.

1. Dressing Your Baby Brother as a Princess

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Yes ladies, I used to torture my little brother by dressing him up in my little princess dress when I was 5 years old. I also would make him wear dress shoes, lipstick, and clip-on earrings. Sadly, there are even photos to prove it. You can't blame me though, because I didn't have any sisters. My little girlfriends would visit me sometimes, but what was I to do when they weren't there? If you've ever done this, even if dad may have been the victim, then you experienced one of the many things you can get away with as the only girl.

2. A Free Pass into Your Brothers' Space

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When you're the only girl, sometimes you become way too comfortable with interfering in your brothers' space—especially when they have guy friends over and want you to stay out of the way. I used to want to be included when they played video games or went out to the park to shoot around. I recall my older brother telling me a few times to stay out of his room, but for the most part he didn't mind. When your brother(s) genuinely loves you, they'll tolerate your pestering ways.

3. OverProtection

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If you're the only girl or know how it feels to have a big brother in general, then you may have experienced this as well. I'm sure most of us have used this line before to ward off a bully: “I'll get my big brother on you.” I used this saying to my advantage plenty of times as a young girl. Even as I started to step into womanhood, I realized that I didn't have one father, but three! When I started dating, my brothers acted like they had to be my bodyguards when it came to another man wanting my heart. Thus, I'm happy that I'm cared for by such protective men.

4. Special “Female” Treatment

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When you're the only girl, you're obviously the only one (other than your mom) experiencing a menstrual cycle once a month. So, you may experience more compassion and understanding from your brothers. On the other hand, you may be so moody that it gives them a reason to stay far away from you. I even remember making my father and older brother go to the store to restock on pads. This is definitely one of those things you can use to your advantage and there's nothing they can do about it.

5. Long Shopping Sprees

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Girls just want to have fun—and shopping is one of the ways to do that. My mom and I used to have girls' night out to get away from the boys, and we would sometimes go to the mall after getting our hair done. My father used to insist that we stop shopping so much, but it was our bonding moment after a long week of attending my brothers' basketball and baseball games. When one of them wanted to tag along, they impatiently wandered around for hours until we finished our shopping trip. If you're a shopping fanatic like me, then you know that this is just one of those hobbies most guys can't stand.

6. The Last Word

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Most men know that they just can't win an argument with a female. Women tend to go on for hours and sometimes for days about the same topic! I think my brothers decided to just give up and let me win certain arguments because I was becoming a bit of a nuisance. On the other hand, maybe they respected my views so much that they didn't mind letting me have the upper hand. Plus, when a female is persistent about how she feels, they have no choice but to let us have the last word.

7. Tomboy Tendencies

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I am a girlie girl for the most part, but I've noticed some tomboy mannerisms I may have picked up on as a young child. Whether it's slouching, burping out loud, wrestling, or sporting baller shorts all day, these aspects can be heavily associated with growing up as the only female in the family. Although you can learn these habits from other environments, brothers can absolutely have a more profound influence on you as a person. Being the only girl doesn't take away from your femininity, but allows you to choose freely who and how you want to be as you mature into a lady.

This list can also relate to those who have a lot of male friends and associates. What are some other things you can get away with as the only girl? Do you not like being the only girl in your family or in an all-male setting?

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