Why Friendsgiving is Way Better than Thanksgiving for Girls Bummed if They Can't Be Home ...


Why Friendsgiving is Way Better than Thanksgiving  for Girls Bummed if They Can't Be Home ...
Why Friendsgiving is Way Better than Thanksgiving  for Girls Bummed if They Can't Be Home ...

When you really think about it, there are several reasons Friendsgiving is way better than Thanksgiving. Now, I love spending special occasions with my family, but the holidays get a little crazy – in ways that can take the “thanks” out of Thanksgiving, am I right? If you want a holiday that's less stressful but lots more fun, maybe you ought to pick Friendsgiving too. Odds are you've got a network of friends who feel like family, so why not celebrate accordingly?

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There's No Drama

There's No Drama Well, okay, there's less drama. In any gathering there's bound to be some, but when you're not trying to impress your grandma with your pastry skills and when you don't have to worry about inadvertently insulting your hypersensitive sister-in-law, it's not quite so tense. Even if you invite family to your Friendsgiving, the vibe is just a little less manic, you know?


The Food's Not Such an Issue

The Food's Not Such an Issue Of course you want to cook great food, but again, the vibe at a Friendsgiving is way less manic. You aren't usually trying to impress anyone, so it won't matter that your mashed potatoes are full of lumps, you totally scorched the crust for the pumpkin pie, your dog keeps stealing rolls, and you're pretty sure you lost your favorite cocktail ring when you were shoving stuffing up old Tom Turkey's backdoor.


Your Friends like Free Food Anyway

Your Friends like Free Food Anyway Besides, even if the food is absolutely awful, it's free. Your friends will be happy. Also, if everything just sucks for beans, there's no saying you can't just call out for pizza or Chinese. I mean, Ralphie's family did it in A Christmas Story, who says you can't do it for Friendsgiving too?


There Will Be an Abundance of Booze

There Will Be an Abundance of Booze Oh, you know it. It's not going to be all White Zin either. Your friends are going to come armed with lots of Boone's Farm, craft beers, cheap beers, cheap wine, wine coolers, mid-shelf liquor, and mixers you never even imagined mixing with anything. Remember, it's not a Friendsgiving until you mix vodka with Kool-Aid.


Drunk Friends Are Better than Drunk Family

Drunk Friends Are Better than Drunk Family Okay, yes, your dad is hilarious once he gets his buzz on, but your friends are ridiculous when they're both drunk and tripping on tryptophan. You're in for some good times, some epic selfies, and some incriminating videos. Just remember to get that ish on Instagram, because pics or it didn't happen.


You Can Get Fancy

You Can Get Fancy Back to the food, if you don't choose to go the takeout route and you and your friends are decent cooks, you can go all out. Mom and dad might not be into the idea of bright green foam and butter crumbles made using liquid nitrogen, but your friends watch Top Chef and Chopped with you all the time, they're game!


You Can Say What You Want

You Can Say What You Want You don't have to censor yourself, your boo, or your friends during Friendsgiving. You're not worried about offending granny with a few eff-bombs, nor do you have to worry about discussing politics in front of your conservative aunt and uncle. There's a freedom involved in Friendsgiving that some folks simply don't get with their entire families.


Kid-Free Doesn't Mean a War Zone

Kid-Free Doesn't Mean a War Zone Now, you may not choose to make Friendsgiving kid-free, especially if some of your besties want to bring their babies – cool beans. If you do, however, want an environment lacking in children, you won't have to worry about grievously offending your brother, your cousin, and your uncle's second wife. Plus, again, now you won't have to censor yourself from little pitchers with big ears and a gift for mimicry!


This is Your Chosen Family

This is Your Chosen Family Your friends are the people you choose as family. You might love your own family dearly, but I bet you don't get along with everyone. There are still familial obligations to contend with. Not so at Friendsgiving. These are your peeps. They love and accept you for who you are, they don't question why you're still single, and they're not going to judge your clothes, job, or music. They're going to make bad decisions with you, they're going to burn the turkey, they're going to get tipsy and cry over all the Christmas movies that inexplicably start premiering the night of Thanksgiving. It's heavenly!

What are some of the reasons you prefer Friendsgiving to Thanksgiving? If you've never had one, maybe you ought to try a new tradition this year!

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