7 Pros of Not Going Home for the Holidays ...


7 Pros of Not Going Home for the Holidays ...
7 Pros of Not Going Home for the Holidays ...

Not going home for the holidays may seem like a bad thing, but there are actually quite a few pros. Over my winter break, I am going to Israel and at first I was sad that I wouldn’t spend time with my family, but it got me thinking about all of the good things about not being home for the holidays. If you feel the same way, here are some compelling reasons to not go home for the holidays.

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You Can Travel

If you're not going home for the holidays, that is an entire chunk of your year you can dedicate to going someplace new. Whether it is visiting a boyfriend’s family in his hometown, or going to an entirely new continent, it's something different. Your holiday break is a chance to have an entirely new experience.


Meet New People

They always say that the holidays are supposed to bring people together, so why not bring yourself closer to people you have just met? If you go somewhere else besides home for the holidays, then you will have the opportunity to meet tons of new people. Maybe you can even celebrate the holidays with your new friends.


Eat Something Different

Lots of pros of not going home for the holidays involve doing something different. Whenever I am home for the holidays, it is always the same food every year. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my mother's cooking, but it is always nice to try something new. Put a new spin on a holiday classic or eat something completely random for the holidays. And since you’re not home, you don’t have your mother around to tell you to finish your veggies.


Won’t Hear the Same Questions All the Time

My family is always asking me the same questions. How are your classes? How’s the football team? Are you getting good grades? I have basically memorized my answers to these questions. One of the best things about not going home for the holidays is that I can look forward to not having to answer these same questions all the time.


Avoid Your Strange Family Members

Every family has those members that you avoid like the plague. Sure you still love them--after all, they are family--but you still would prefer to maybe not see them for once. And that is nothing to be ashamed of.

Famous Quotes

Meaning is not what you start with but what you end up with.

Peter Elbow

Make a New Tradition

When you are home, you have your family traditions. But if you aren’t home, then you have the chance to make your own traditions. Meet up with some friends who also have stayed home and put a twist on a traditional holiday celebration. You might even decide to do it again next year.


You Still Get to Celebrate

Just because you’re not with your parents, doesn’t mean you can’t get in the holiday spirit. Blast Christmas music around your home, decorate your room (with extra mistletoe), and make yourself a scrumptious ham. Not being home for the holidays lets you start new traditions.

Are you planning on not going home for the holidays? What are you looking forward to about it? Do you agree that these are some pros of not going home for the holidays?

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