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9 Benefits of Being a Gamer Girl ...

By Crystal

Usually people think of video games as a guy hobby, but there are quite a few benefits of being a gamer girl. Video games are just as much for women as men. Girls don't have to just play those cutesy, food prep or raise a baby games either. I was surprised to discover the benefits of being a gamer girl. It's actually quite fun and relaxing.

1 Understand Guys Better

If you can't understand what your guy sees in playing Halo or Call of Duty for hours, this might just be one of the biggest benefits of being a gamer girl. You can't really understand why he enjoys gaming until you try it. You don't have to play the same games. It's all about entering the video gaming world and seeing it from his perspective. It's not just about shooting zombies or aliens. It's an entirely different culture.

2 Embrace Your Inner Geek

As girls, we're usually taught to avoid geeks. We're definitely not supposed to do anything geeky. There's something very liberating about doing what you want and leaving stereotypes behind. It's okay for girls to be geeks. Plus, geeks are usually nicer to each other. Anyone can be a geek and be proud of it.


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3 Improved Spatial Skills

It's nothing new that video games actually lead to improved spatial skills. Video games teach you more about how to think quickly and figure out how to manipulate the world you're in. This actually leads to better reasoning skills in other areas, such as math and reading. Think about most gamers you know. Most are actually really smart.

4 Improved Focus

Video games don't exactly move at a slow pace. You have to stay focused at all times if you want to win. Gamer girls typically have no problem keeping up with conversations or remembering important details. They understand the importance of a laser-like focus. In many ways, this makes it easier for them to stay focused on school and work throughout their lives.

5 Meet New People

Many games encourage online play with friends and even strangers. Gamer girls have no problem striking up a conversation with a new person online. It's a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Think of it as a much more interactive form of social media. You get to play games together and vent about your day. The best part – gamers actually listen to each other.

6 Reduced Stress

Gamer girls tend to be far more relaxed than non-gamers. There's something about getting out all of your aggression in a make believe world that reduces stress. You get to lose yourself for a while and forget about everything that's stressing you out. You can play with friends, blow stuff up and laugh for a little bit. It's a great way to calm down and clear your head before tackling major problems.

7 Learn to Solve Problems

Video games are full of puzzles to solve. The more you play, the better you get at solving those problems. Those amazing problem solving skills go far beyond the game. Gamer girls are great at taking complex problems and breaking them down. It becomes second nature to them. They see each problem like a video game. Figure out what's wrong, find a solution and fix it.

8 Improved Coordination

While I might not be the most coordinated person out there, I have discovered my coordination has improved just through casual game play. I've found the same to be true with most gamer girls. They have insanely good hand-eye coordination. It's pretty much a requirement to be great at most action oriented video games. It's great practice and you have fun at the same time.

9 Encourages Success

The one thing I really love about video games is they encourage you to keep trying. Gamer girls don't understand the meaning of failure. They keep trying until they succeed. This mentality spills over into other aspects of their lives. They know that persistence and working hard will help them achieve anything.

You don't have to be a die-hard gamer or addicted to games to be a gamer girl. You just have to spend some time having fun in a virtual world to enjoy all of these benefits. Believe it or not, video games actually are good for you. Do you consider yourself a gamer girl?

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