ALWAYS Follow These Girl Code Rules No Matter What ...


ALWAYS Follow These Girl Code Rules No Matter What ...
ALWAYS Follow These Girl Code Rules No Matter What ...

Girl Code could be best described as a set of rules and conditions that every girl should know and stick to. Most ladies think that you should never, under any circumstance, deviate from those rules because you will break the trust and solidarity of your friends and you will be condemned to a life of isolation. But, you should know that things are not always as they seem since there are also a few girl code rules that can be interpreted in many different ways. Here are a few girl code rules that shouldn’t always be followed:

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Never Reveal Another Girl’s Secret

clothing, swimwear, beauty, supermodel, sun tanning, Well, even though it’s very important to be a trustworthy person and an honest friend, there can be times when it’s actually bad to keep a secret, even it that secret involves another girl. Here I am talking about the times when that secret could be endangering that girl’s safety or any other person’s safety for that matter.


Never Invite a Friend’s Enemy to a Party

hair, clothing, human positions, leg, thigh, Even if it’s important to always be there for your friends and do everything in your power to avoid any potential conflicts between you, there are times when you should ask your friend to be a bit more understanding. Let’s say, for example, that you are throwing a party and your friend can’t stand a particular person. You’ll still have to invite their enemy to your party if that enemy happens to be your boss or another close friend of yours.


Never Dine Alone with a Friend’s Boyfriend

Portofino Harbour, photograph, person, lady, dress, Does this rule should still apply if your friend’s boyfriend is an old friend of yours, if you are like siblings and you grew up together? Let’s say that he was your friend first and you actually introduced him to your girlfriend because you knew that they would be perfect for each other. You can see that there can be exceptions to any rule and this is clearly one of them.


Never Date a Friend’s Ex

human action, person, romance, photo shoot, interaction, Well, this can be a tricky one. It depends on how serious the relationship between your friend and your new crush really was, how long it has been since they used to date and what your friend thinks about you dating one of her exes. Just talk to them first and if they are okay with that, then just go for it, you never know where you can find true love.


You Need to Change Your Hair to Feel Good about Yourself

hair, human hair color, blond, face, clothing, When something traumatic happens to a woman, like a breakup for example, she feels like she needs to make important changes in her life to feel good again. Among these changes, one of the most common is changing the hair color or the hairstyle. Well, you shouldn’t do that if you don’t want to do it because there are a lot of other simple yet efficient things you can do to improve your mood and none of them involves changing your physical appearance.


If Your Friend is Interested in a Guy First, You Shouldn’t Try to Talk to Him

hair, clothing, hairstyle, long hair, brown hair, I would like to start by saying that you should never, under any circumstance, try to steal your friend’s boyfriend because that is unacceptable among friends. But if they aren’t even together or if they haven’t even talked to each other, it would be unfair of your friend to forbid you to talk to them, especially if they know that you like them too.


You Should Always Share Makeup Products or Clothes with Your Friends

clothing, footwear, pattern, outerwear, fashion, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t share hair, makeup or clothing advice with your friends. On the contrary, you should always try to help them pick the best outfit. Just that, there are times when it’s not that okay to share makeup products or clothes. It’s not sanitary for a start, but what if you and your friend don’t wear the same size or if she spills something that it will ruin your favorite dress or shirt? I’m sure you wouldn’t be too pleased about that.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be there for your friends or for other girls for that matter; just try to be a good person and treat others with kindness and respect. Do you know any other girl code rules that shouldn’t always be followed? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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@Alyx I am a bit lost as whether she posted hers first or not what is your point???? Also I would rather be eating sand than get help from you and the fact that you don't know me from Adam and still interested in trying to start something is beyond laughable and I wasn't even being horrible to you just irritated! I made nothing about me hahahha you r too childish. Who goes off on me or are you talking about yourself now ? Hahahha hHah I am seriously laughing out so loudly that I am going to choke you are just too funny. You are carrying like you are taking to a phantom and it's funny. You don't know me from Adam and Eve and yet you getting so riled up calm yourself. Hahahha I don't care to know about your love life and you are too much so Alyx sweetheart don't comment on my opinions since it is well established that I am a liar by you so don't jog on any longer rannnnnnnnn! And please when u see a comment by me smile and wave and then move on. I am sure you have a lot of people you can bother and if you still need a cuddle Ritchie v says he is more than happy to give it and just because you hug a man doesn't stop you from being a lesbian just saying so chill bill and if I hear from you again..... I am well peeved!

I dated my best friends sister lol. Still with her and have been for years. It's made my bound much stronger. I feel more like her sister now rather than just a good friend :) if you really like someone, don't fight it just because it's a friend's sibling or whatever. If they are truly a your friend, they'll get over it and learn to love the new relationship, and how happy two people in their life are.


Alyx You heard of 3 Doors down, or Breaking Benjamin? Tell me some great Bands, you like. and You also Peony.. :)

Lol peony she said hooking up not going for dinner.. Last time I checked sex and dinner are not mutually exclusive. I'm not angry, but you definitely did generalize (even before malinas comment I might add) and this doesn't bother me. What bothers me is you all are being judgmental and going "youre not a true friend if____" but really, YOU'RE not a "true" friend if you are keeping your boyfriend away from them (aren't they supposed to be friends with someone who supposedly makes you happy?) or keeping them from dating an excellent/family member, which is keeping them away from their chance at love. That's more rude than someone going for dinner with someone who is also their friend. I did read your comment, which is why I replied to you, because it was very judgmental and a very controlling mindset. If your boyfriend and your friend can't control who they go for dinner with, then jeeze what else do you control in their lives? But either way, those werent "tangents" they were opinions and TRYING to get you to see it from another perspective. But nice try with the whole "it was for malinas comment" thing even though it was over an hour before she commented lol. Either way, you generalized, made a very manipulative comment about the way other people should act and then got mad and defensive at me for trying to show another perspective to you. Oh well. You won't learn about the world or other people's feelings if you just focus on one mindset and one view on everything without consideration of people or other people's feelings/views. I'm done trying to help you see it differently since you just go into defensive mode though. Have a nice day.

@ritchie v either you like the company of women or you are a little stirrer which is it????

@Wendy are you living in 2015? Or the 1500s? Many men do wear makeup for example actors wear make up, I have also met guys who wear eyeliner and foundation to cover blemishes. And lots of gay men wear make up as well. Anyone can wear it. It wasnt made for a specific gender.

@alyx hahahah I am laughing out of frustration. You talk too much air girlie gal. Now jog on and go and trouble someone else!!!! Jog on!

@typo hooking up with her ex...

1. Men Gossip, but its not called, Gossip.

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