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Since I tend to misplace things on a regular basis, I'm always trying to find ways to stop losing things. I can't tell you how many times I've been late because I couldn't find my shoes or keys. Turns out, the easiest ways to stop losing things involve repetition and forcing myself to become more organized. Since trying these methods, I rarely lose anything any more.

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Easily Store Glasses

I have several pairs of sunglasses simply because I was always losing track of a least one pair at any given time. I was certain my reading glasses had to have legs since they kept running off. One of my favorite ways to stop losing things started with my glasses. I picked up a visor clip for the sunglasses and always store one pair in the car and another just inside my purse. I use a neck strap for my reading glasses and always hang them on a hook by the bed when I'm done. Amazingly, I haven't lost any of my glasses since.


Buy a Trinket Box

I'm guilty of getting in a hurry and taking my necklace off in one room, sitting my earrings in another room and laying my bracelet in yet another room. Trust me, jewelry goes missing quickly. I always thought I'd go back and put it up later, but later turned into a scavenger hunt. Now, I have a cheap, but cute trinket box in my bedroom. I put all my jewelry in it and at the end of the week, I put everything back in its place. It keeps my jewelry safe and I don't have to worry about anything falling or getting lost.


Electronics Drawer

While I rarely ever lose my phone, my tablet does tend to wander off. I'm horrible to lay my tablet down and then forget where I used it last. I got tired of spending more time trying to find my tablet than actually using it. I made a small section in my dresser drawer with a plastic shoe box to store my phone, tablet and chargers so I never lose them. My friend has a multi-pocket should bag that she hangs on her door to keep track of hers. Either way, everything is kept in its place.


Control Remote Controls

If you're like me, you have several remotes lying around. How often do you lose them? I've had some that spent over a day hidden away in some dark corner. I always thought those remote control caddies looked silly, but they're a life saver. They have pockets for each remote. It's a challenge to remember to put them back each time, but once you do, you'll never lose a remote again. If you don't like the caddy, use an end-table drawer or small box on the coffee table.


Keep Keys in Place

Keys are the most commonly lost item. It's also the most annoying since you can't exactly go anywhere without them. The first step is to put all your keys together. The fewer sets you have to deal with, the harder it becomes to lose them. Make a designated place near the door or set up hooks in your kitchen. When you get home, hold on to your keys until you put them in their correct areas. The next time you need your keys, they're super easy to find.


Organize Paperwork

While it may seem old-school, invest in a small filing cabinet. Place all your warranties, manuals, important documents and receipts in the cabinet. Use folders to organize papers by type. I got sick of searching through bookcases, drawers and boxes to find what I needed. Now, I open a drawer and there it is. You can also scan receipts to have a digital copy and save space.


Never Get Lost While out

I've lost jewelry and a Bluetooth headset while I was out with friends. Both were expensive and I couldn't believe I just lost them. Now, before I leave any place or drive away, I do a quick one minute check to ensure I have everything with me. Check for your purse, phone, keys, wallet and jewelry before you head to your next destination. If you're traveling, keep a checklist of everything you've packed to do a quick check before leaving. Trust me, you'll save yourself a lot of money and heartache by double-checking before it's too late.

Do I still lose things? Of course I do, but usually it's because I didn't put something back where it belongs. Take the time to make a list of what you typically lose most and create a special location for each thing. What items do you tend to lose most often?

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I lose my phone a lot. I'm so super forgetful.

I have a basket on one of my end tables that holds my remotes, my keys, and my charger!!! Gotta love Longaberger!!!

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