7 Ways to Stop Your Cat from Scratching Your Furniture ...

Finding ways to stop your cat from scratching your furniture can sometimes be a challenge. Having two, sometimes feral felines, I know exactly what it's like to find that your treasured Victorian cabinet is being used by your beloved pet as a scratching post and worse still, finding that your banisters are starting to resemble tree stumps. But fear not, these ways to stop your cat from scratching your furniture and beautiful banisters will ensure that this annoyance is a thing of the past.

1. Scratching Posts

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I always wondered why my cats would opt for the banister rather than the scratching post I had bought for them. I tried everything from covering the post in catnip to placing it right next to the banister. I was convinced that like naughty children who wanted to do anything they could do to upset their parents, they were deliberately ignoring me. Of course, this was not the case and I soon discovered that the post was just too small for them. Cats scratch for a number of reasons. They're marking their territory, stretching their muscles and sharpening their claws. When you're looking for a post to stop your cat from scratching your furniture, try and find one which is tall enough for your cat to stretch against and place it in a location where your cat is likely to linger. You can also buy chair and table leg scratch guard protectors, which you can use if your cats insist on targeting your furniture.

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